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March 12, 2010


Great surprise! :) What treasures!

Such incredible beautiful treasures, all handmade and heartfelt - these girls truly outdid themselves and are such special, wonderful friends! I'm sure it was a day you'll never forget-

P.S. Have you gotten used to the sound of saying "my daughter" yet? :) Bet it's a thrill to hear those words rolling off your lips!

Oh that is so wonderful that they did this for you! I am always amazed at the love in fellow bloggers hearts. Such amazing people. Many blessings to each of you! Special blessings for that baby girl!

It was our pleasure Andrea! I'm so happy that it turned out so well and stayed a surprise! We heard from Hope that you were asking too many questions, lol!_ xo

how lovely of everyone to surprise you. I've seen most of what was made for you and baby girl, she is a very, very lucky little lady! :O) xxx

What a sweet idea...you have been blessed with a fun group of friends! I saw some of the lovely gifts posted last night and, though I don't even know you...thought, "Oooh...she is going to love that!"

: )

Julie M.

what sweet girls and wonderful gifts! and I can imagine how pretty your baby girls nursery will be. Do you have a name picked out yet?
have a great weekend

Oh, I have been seeing this on the other girl's blogs! You Lucky Girl! This is so awesome...I know you had to of gotten lots of great gifts! Congrats to your new addition to the family!

what a sweet surprise! baby girl will have the sweetest nursery ever!

Oh, Andrea! What wonderful friends you have! Each gift so lovingly made for your sweet babe......

Each gift and friend such a treasure!

I am so happy you were actually surprised. I did not have much faith in myself from keeping it all from you.

I feel so lucky that I actually got to be there and see everything in person - everyone truly out did themselves!

You are SO welcome sweet friend! It was so much fun to do this for you. Im in AWE of all the gorgeous handmade gifts. I hope you and Sophia will love and enjoy! ~*~*XOXO*~*~ Jenn

What a wonderful surprise! So glad to see you & your baby girl "showered" with love:)

thank you for the great blog links!

Indeed it was a beautiful surprise. You are loved by many in blogland:)

What wonderful gifts! Your daughter will be surrounded by pink and the love of your friends. I hear you are most deserving!


What a wonderful surprise

What awonerful surprise, Andrea. What fun to know what was going on behind the scenes! :) :) Blessings to you and your dear family,


I enjoyed seeing some of your gifts on the blogs I read -- what a wonderful idea to surprise and honor you and your little one! Maybe someday you can make a blog book out of the pages where people showed off the gifts...and include your post, too! Congratulations!

Such wonderful friends you have! Congrats on your pink angel!

Surprises are wonderful aren't they! Such lovely treasures...looking forward to seeing them in your sweet little one's nursery. Enjoy!

This is amazing Andrea! Your baby girl is so lucky to have so many wonderful handmade items from your dearest friends to admire through her life. This brought me to tears as I was looking at all the goodies and remembering how excited I was when I found out we were having a baby girl, nearly 3 years ago now. What a blessing!

Your so welcome Andrea! I am so happy you were surprised... that makes it all the more fun! I think such an "artsy" baby shower is just the coolest thing! lol

xo Heather

You are so blessed to be having a little girl! I have 5 boys and have always wanted a girl...but it was not meant to be. I am so glad for you! Love all the pretties you recieved for her. I make some pretty kitties and would be delighted to make one for your little bundle if you would let me! I made one for Karla Nathan's sugarwings...you can go back and check her blog out as she put a picture of it on there. Please let me know. I also have a giveaway on my blog if you would like to check it out! Thanks!

that is so wonderful!

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