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March 01, 2010


beautiful treasures....makes me want to get out today and scour our antique stores! I can't wait to see how the nursery will turn out, what a lucky little girl!

mmm mmm mmm, you found some really beautiful goodies Andrea...i love that little frame, the coloring on it is just stunning...the towel bars are gorgeous...and of course the tiara is fabulous!!!

Wow, what a beautifull little treasures you found! Enjoy!

Love Patricia

Love the towel bars and all the lace. But the crown......well that's where my heart is! Glad your feeling better and that I got a little chuckle out of you;)

You find the most amazing treasures!

Oh my goodness...what beautiful finds! Each one is a treasure! Wish I could be your "shadow" when you go shopping:)

Wow - what beautiful finds!!! I love the collars and, well, all of it!

simply enchanting. Love the tiara for your little Princess :o) Perfect for her room. Love everything that you've bought. You have a superb eye.

Hope you are feeling in good health and that baby girl is letting you sleep. xx

OK enough with all the beauty... just give me the crown and all will be fine :)


Andrea what beautiful treasures you found! I think your lil bebe girls room is going to be just gorgeous, I can't wait to see pictures...I will live vicariously through them, being that my "lil" girls 13 & 19 prefer everything decorated in black and dark or exra bright colors :) Besos, Rose

Those are beautiful treasures. Just wait until you get to hold that sweet baby girl - and oh my gosh - dress her! The crown will be a perfect fit for a baby who is bound to be a princess.

Wow--love all your finds, especially the towel bars and the tiara. That tiara! So lovely. And sparkly. Now I want one!

droool!!!! am drooling at your treasures

I don't know where you shop, Andrea, but I want to come! Holy fantastic deals!

This is why it must be better where you live than where I do. We just don't have flea markets like this. At all really. I envy all of your pretty finds and they will be so perfect in your baby's room. I am getting so excited for you. Have you picked a name?

I just love the pink and gold picture frame!

What Wonderful treasures Andrea, but oh how they'll pale in comparison to the true precious jewel coming your way so very soon!!!
Have a great evening!!! Tricia K.

Such beautiful finds...I'm in love with them all!

Oh I do love every single treasure. Thank you for sharing. xoxox

so glad you are all feeling better!
I think the hat you got would look sooo cute on you!! you should definitely wear it! and the cake topper....lovely!
xoxo, Tiffany

Wow...I'm living in the wrong city - I can never find anything great like your finds! Everything is so lovely!

Treasures, indeed! That tiara is just dreamy!

Happy March!

: )

Julie M.

ANDREA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not seen so much beauty at once in a long time, lol! WOW!!!!! You hit the jackpot with everything. I wish we had shops like that here!!
I am so glad you and your sweet boys are feeling better. It is awful to be sick, especially while pregnant :(
Big Hugs,

Good Morning Andrea, I hope your having a beautiful day!!! I can't belive I forgot to mention the mannequin in my previos comment! Myself, I just LOVE to play practical jokes on my hubby. So if I were you... I'd hide it somewhere it's bound to scare the beejeebee's(sp?)out of him and have yourself one huge laugh and enjoy!!! Hee Hee
Have a great day!! Tricia K.

Great finds Andrea...hope you have a wonderful week!

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