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March 24, 2010


I think the jars are fabulous...I have some on my kitchen counter. I put in candy buttons, and candy necklaces. The kids (grown up kids that is)...love them. Have a wonderful day.

Good Afternoon Andrea ~ Oh ~ I don't think that's the least bit strange at all. Both my sister and I just know better to eat any Holiday candy of any sort that may be lingering around in either of our homes.
We both know it's been there for Umpteen YEARS!!!!
Trust me your perfectly normal!!
Just like me!!!!
Have a great day Andrea ` Tricia

LOL, love them. HA I have the same, a jar filled with candy...it IS still eatable as well, so it might be empty soon ;)

I have 5 jars on my kitchen island with candy also! 2 of which are filled with old candy so the kids know not to go for those ones! I found chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick!

Sweet treats:) Love it...and the jars look as "yummy" as the candy!

yum! those marshmallow strawberries are my favourite!

Yum,Yum,Yum indeed! My guys would have those jars cleaned out in flash.

How do those beautiful sweets on display, ever stay there long enough to get old!! Just love the idea. I only do it occasionally as the sweets disappear when I am not looking!! Will do something next week for Easter I hope!!

I love jars of sweeties. It's a pretty thing to do. I don't have much space in my kitchen, but I often have a jar of sugared almonds or 'spaceships' somewhere. Sugared almonds are best, because I don't actually like to eat them, just look at them! The spaceships don't last long!!!

Love your previous post. Oh my goodness, what gorgeous finds. So pretty and such great prices.

Hope you are being kind to yourself and taking it easy when you can. xxx

They are so pretty. I couldn't keep a jar of candy around for long. I'd be popping them in my mouth all day and I'd be 100 pounds heavier than I am. I rarely buy it for that reason.

I had Christmas candy in a jar for a couple of years...my mom reached in one time for a piece of candy (so like her!) and discovered it was solid clump!

Marshmallow strawberries! Your kitchen must resemble a dreamy yummy candy shop -- how fun!!

Oh, your jars are scrumptious and beautiful too! Right now ...buttons; I have buttons in my jars! Perhaps I should run out today and get a few more jars to fill with delicious candies? Your photo's are so tempting!

If you can, pop on over. I'm having a 200th post giveaway!

I have some jars on mantle with spring candies..I have the marshmellows didn't think to put em a jar!! Where do you find the marshmellow starwberris and ropes???

Oh Andrea, how yummy! I wish I could do the same, but my 21 year old son with a massive sweet tooth would never allow the full very long! he would even eat them stale I swear, well actually he has!LOL Would make adorable note cards, the pics! Lori

These jars are absolutely beautiful. I love glass jars and your idea is just so magical.

We started candy jars at Christmastime, and now even my husband loves those little jars of sweets. It makes everyone feel welcome and at home in our house.

What a beautiful post!
Thanks for sharring!
Your Blog is adorable! I'm a follower!


Where do you get the taffy wands?

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