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March 30, 2010


Hello Andrea..... Your boys are just the most handsome little guys!
Yes, I agree that this nice weather is so enjoyable. Just very glad to have winter ending. It's been a long one!
Enjoy your day...... Ruth

Hi Andrea ~ What an adorable photo of you and your sweet little boys. Looks like your enjoying the best of life's sweet simplicities!! What a gift!!

And you just make such a cute little pregnant lady!!!! You look so happy!!!

Have a great spring day Andrea!!!
Tricia k.

Like you, I am so happy spring has sprung! The boys...as adorable as ever...are getting so big:) And the daffodils are lovely; they have such a pretty glow...just like you!

oh I love that photo, of you with your boys and your tiny baby girl :O)

Your Easter tree is gorgeous, looks so pretty.

Our daffs aren't out yet! Spring has sprung, but it's rainy here. Though we did have a hint of sunshine an hour ago!!!

Love the egg tree idea...very cute and fun for kids.

OMG with the bump in your tummy, you're still able to carry the boy!!! what a strong woman you are :) have a great spring & easter!

What a perfect day! Pretty soon there will be a new little set of hands in the mix!

What beautiful daffodils! Mine hardly bloom, let alone enough to cut or fill a pitcher!

Dang girl with that snow melting the cobwebs must have gone with it:) Your on a roll! I must say I come back to Virginia in two short weeks I am so hoping no snow!! Happy nesting til baby comes:)

hey doll,
aaahhh so sweet.
you look fabulous!
Have a great Easter weekend!

Oh my goodness, when did Sam become such a little man?! Happy Easter to the family!

Beautiful flowers. Beautiful you. Beautiful boys. And a charming idea for an Easter tree. Love it all.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

I just love your wonderful family Easter egg tree- so sweet seeing the decorating- thanks for sharing!

Ahh! Just adorable ! Your little boys are so cute!

Andrea You look so BEAUTIFUL and your boys are so ADORABLE!!! Time passes so quickly and you my dear are savoring every minute with your boys and soon you will have your new bundle of joy. God Bless you and your family. Happy Easter

Those daffodils are so beautiful, Happy Easter!

What a cute, inexpensive idea! Have you considered submitting it to DollarStoreCrafts.com?

Hi Andrea!!! Key words make them smile...you look great..pretty soon those boys will be holding you... and there sister.. God Bless Wishing you & your family a very Happy Easter. xo Laura

I love your pictures. Your blog is very beautiful and I am a new follower. Hope you have a very Happy Easter.

you and the boys look so cute!!! I am so glad you posted a pic, I haven't seen you since SB, and I loved seeing your smiling face!
xoxo, Tiffany

Love that photo of you and the boys - but boy! Sam looks like he has grown so much - it was not THAT long ago I saw him!

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