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March 27, 2010


So much gorgeousness, Andrea. I am also lucky to have one of Lori's amazing puffs as well!

Kelli's pretty little purses are precious!!!

I am so honored to have one of Lori's puffs too!!! It was a "Must Have" :)

I'm sure your puff is just so dainty in the nursery...the perfect place for all things "girly"!!!!

So pretty! I think I'll pop over for a peak at more puffs and posies! Thanks for sharing!

so lovely!

lori's work never ceases to amaze me and i will be sure to visit kelli's shop, too.



Kelli's stuff is wonderful isn't it?! And those puffs are great too - I added Lori's etsy shop as a favourite.

HI Andrea! Isnt Lori amazing?? I am lucky enough to have one of her powder puffs too. They are to die for. Those posy pockets are so cute too! I will go check out her site!

absolutely delightful! Thanks for the lovely pictures... I've added that shop to my favorites. until later...

Beautiful,beautiful!I will check their shops! How kind of you to lead us to them!


very lovely, especially the puff. Takes me back to when I was very young and I had one. Not as pretty as that, but still a nice thing to have.

enjoy your Sunday xx

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the loveliness!

Very lovely little things. Thanks for sharing. Think I'll pop on over and check out more of those talented ladies' items.

Andrea, thank you so much for all of the sweet things you said...i am so happy that you like your puff...too cute what you said "every baby needs, a powder puff"...LOL...i love those posie pockets from Kelli, they are gorgeous!!!

What gorgeous details! Thanks for recommending these shops ;)

Andrea, I'm so glad you like your posie pockets. Thanks so much for the sweet words. Love the date date ideas!
And Lori's powder puff's are so beautiful.


EEEK! Darling! Get used to buying those for the little one! I'm such a bad influence telling you that ha! I have been drooling over those puffs for a month now....having "puff jealousy" I shall have to snag one now. My wallet thanks you (not!) xoxo

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