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March 18, 2010


Ahhh…How lucky can us gals be…. another beautiful post practically back to back. Andrea your spring home looks so adorable.
Now I'm excited to make my way home and take out all of my spring things. And those eggs are soooooo gorgeous... I sure wish YOU had them for sale and I don't want any imposters!!!
Maybe next year… a girl can dream until then!!
Have a great day Andrea and Happy Spring !!!

Aaah...spring! I just love it:)

Oooh. I love the ostrich eggs!

Andrea, your Spring and Easter decor is so pretty! I love your fancy Ostrich eggs!! Just gorgeous!!! And all that faux chocolate looks so yummy! If I had that around the house I think my boys wouldn't believe that they were fake and would try to eat them, just to see. lol! Mr. Bunny is adorable! Happy Spring!

Thou tortureth me with thine gorgeous, unavailable eggs lol....

Your spring decor is just lovely! I think it's so exciting that little Miss Bella Singarella will be arriving amid all the new life of spring - it will be such a special season for you all this year!

oh, seriously Andrea...you find the most perfect little beautiful things...i am really dying over the little quail egg, i don't think i have ever seen anything quite so spectacular...i love it...i am deeply saddened that you are not selling anymore of your eggs...i was so hoping to finally be able to buy one { or two }...*sigh*...

Everything looks so lovely Andrea!

Everything is so pretty. Love that bunny peeking out. :)

Thinking of you...getting closer.
Your Spring decorations are so pretty. xo Laura

Oh how beatutiful
Your creations and designs are truly stunning. I understand your reasons for not selling your eggs this year but am shedding a tear or two as I missed out last year. So sad. But I do support you in the decisions you need to make for yourself :)
Have a happy day and thanks for sharing all this wonderful beauty.

Andrea, I love visiting your blog! Your photo's and creations are beautiful!

Wishing a wonderful weekend, hugs Caroline

So beautiful... So many things remind me of childhood. Thanks for the memories.

Just love your beautiful spring and Easter decorations! Lovely decorated eggs and I love the tiny velvet flowers!

oh! such pretties for Easter! beautiful!
xo natalea

It sure looks festive, Andrea! I don't think I could handle the candy-lookin' bunnies and eggs. I have a hard enough time resisting the sweets just knowing they EXIST. If I had reminders sitting around looking oh-so-lovely...I'd fall off the wagon in no time at all! The ostrich eggs are beautiful. Did you do the lettering on "Happy Springtime"? If so, I wish you'd make it a font on dafont.com, as it is beautiful!

Oh I will miss your Eggs this year. I was hoping to get you to make me a special purple one for my formal living room. Let me know if you can be bribed LOL! xo

Beautiful Andrea! Curious where did you find the fake chocolate eggs? Lori

Luv the chocolage bunny with lace. I would have never thought of that. Great idea. Your Fancy Ostrich Eggs are just beautiful.



Your Easter things are so gorgeous, Andrea! I have the same pink, white & chocolate drizzled eggs like yours that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I bought some that came in a cluster & hung them on my d.r. chandelier...great minds think alike!!

I've been searching for satin balls or eggs to decorate. Do you have a source you can share?

I'd fall off the wagon in no time at all! The ostrich eggs are beautiful. Did you do the lettering on "Happy Springtime"? If so, I wish you'd make it a font on dafont.com, as it is beautiful!

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