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March 23, 2010


It's a beautiful piece! Lucky you!

Omg I don't think I could've played it that cool! Like the time I found an original RED fiesta plate for 50 cents. I was giggling like a madwoman. Anyway, yay for you!

Wow, what finds! They are both so beautiful!

Those are really beautiful pieces.

WOW! I'd have given him a dollar! Nice find! LOVE IT!


that is a great story! my heart skipped a beat when i read about the man saying "a dollar"!



if that is from h~ville...i am giving that flea another chance this year...i never find the good stuff there that you do...your one dollar find is beautiful...i would have fainted on the spot...

Lucky you! Beautiful!

You got a beautiful candlebra, he got a dollar...I love a story with a happy ending.

So beautiful! I would have passed out when that man told me it was only a dollar! What an awesome treasuring hunting day!

Oh, the thrill of the hunt, and the JOY of discovery and at a BARGAIN price!!! Be still my heart! What treasures! What FUN! Love.love.love the candleabra!

my kindda fave pieces Andrea! you scored jackpot with the candelabra.. love it! I dream of having one! lol..

have a great day!

SCORE! I think I need to go flea market shopping with you!! :)

Gorgeous!! What a wonderful find!

I had no idea that, that's what that stuff was called! I'll have to pay more attention at flea markets or Value Village from now on! :)

Be still my heart!! What a fun and terrific find! love it!

$1? -HOLY CRAP I WOULD HAVE FAINTED!!!!! Amazing!!! I am so happy for your girlie you TOTALLY scored!

these are gorgeous!!! I have a few pieces that I have found at somewhat reasonable prices... they can be SO expensive! I love that wall sconce. xoxo

But I am so glad it went to you, it is the perfect piece!! I am surprised the find didn't send you into labor!
xoxo, TIffany

Ich bin ├╝berrascht, das finden nicht schicken Ihnen die Wehen!

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