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March 20, 2010


OK, where did you find this? I love it. My hubby is anti chandelier, but this might sway him. I love it.

Hope you and the baby girl are feeling well.


oh my, that is PERFECT! i was just thinking the same about my bedroom. i'd love to know where you found it, if you don't mind my asking.

hope you and the jellybean are feeling well & :)



This is so dainty and gorgeous, I love it!

I love it!!!! I need one for my bedroom. We have to have a ceiling fan. We woulldn't survive the summer without it. But that's just perfect. Where did you get it?


I've been wanting a solution like this for a long time. I desperately need a new ceiling fan in my bedroom but really would rather have a chandelier. This would be perfect. Where did you find it?

That really is the perfect compromise!! Beautiful and functional!

Wow! Now, that is a WINNER! Pretty and Functional. Frank Lloyd Wright would be oh-so-proud!

Oh my goodness that's quite the find! I have a hard time and cringe when some clients of mine ask for a ceiling fan. I have gotten up the courage to finally tell them "I don't do fans" ha! You'll have to email me where you found the beauty so my next client can have a happy compromise with her designer :) It's very beautiful! Everything you do is sweet friend! xo

I so love chandeliers! There is nowhere in my home for one - ceilings are too high or too low. This is just lovely. I just bought at Target a vinyl wall stick-on chandelier. It's black and graphic with rhinestones. Put it in my narrow, sad hallway. Looks great. A girl can dream...

is it actually a fan :-0 ...
if it is that is amazing.


my husband and I live in harmony. He just does as I tell him and all is well! !!!! ;o)

Love your previous post too, lots of sugary sweet goodness. :O) Thank you for your email - as yet unreplied because I am shamefully terrible at replying! Yes, it is feeling spring like in England at long last. We've had a very long winter this year, with more snow than usual. Crocus, violets and snowdrops are all looking goregous in the front and back gardens, and I cannot wait to see my little crab apple bloom into glorious blossom!

Got to go. Am being called to look at Gorgeous Girl in the garden! xx

I love it! Yeah for you! I lay in bed and always stare up at my ugly fixture and plan to get a chandelier. I dream of the chandelier! I could really use a ceiling fan though, and yours is amazining. Where did you get it?

Don't you just love a solution? He's happy. She's happy. Everybody wins. :-) Awesome.

Warm blessings,

Andrea, i never would have thought a ceiling fan could be pretty too...well, now i know better...a wonderful compromise indeed:)

Ohmygoodness...it's perfect! Wherever did you find it? I've never seen a ceiling fan with a chandelier light fixture! Love it:)

Wow, you found the combo as is? I've had to paint my fans and add vintage light fixtures to them. I didn't know that a ceiling fan this pretty was available!

Just lovely, Andrea.

You can even make a ceiling fan look gorgeouos. You are amazing:)

Looks perfect to me.


Oh my goodness, how lovely! I LOVE it!

Wish I had seen this when we were doing Chelsea's room which sadly has a ceiling fan. This is a fabulous compromise.

Why am I not the least bit surprised ~ at your decorating talent. I'm thinking all you have to do is bat your pretty eyes and bake your hubby something yummy. And after that the house is completely yours to do with what you'd like!!
I've seen the pretty things you can bake!!!

Hi Andrea I have also been searching for a chandelier with a ceiling fan and have never seen anything this PRETTY!!!!! If it's possible could you tell me where you found yours or others like these? God Bless you and your Beautiful Family!!

So lovely....perfect compromise!!

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