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February 01, 2010


I wish I had known about this ages ago. But I am so glad I have found it now - what a creative inspiration! Best wishes to you!!

Congratulations Andrea! I knew it was only a matter of time when your necklace was a featured giveaway for them...and in fact I am sitting here looking at your article right now! I just got back from Border's and thought I need to comment to her, and here you blogged about it! I just love your studio..so pretty and pink! xoxo Shannon

Congratulations! Your article is absolutely beautiful! WWW is a great magazine. I have bought back issues to read over and over again. I have been following your blog for a long time but didn't realize that comments were appreciated until recently when I began my own blog - www.dancindaisydesigns.blogspot.com. I would love it if you would take a look at it if you have a minute sometime. Again - great article!!!

Hello Andrea!! I just found you and fell instantly in love with your beautiful site. You are so talented, no wonder why
you were picked for Where Women Create!!
I have recently discovered the magazine and intend on getting a subscription soon.
Would love to win one of your magazines!!
Thank you for the chance!! my e-mail is sjmcdowell@yahoo.com. Have a great day!

I came upon your blog completely serendipitously -- just wanted to say that I just love your hair! I want mine to look like that!

Your blog and creations are gorgeous. I have the book, Where Women Create, but had no idea there is a magazine. I would love to win a copy. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Now I'm off to explore your blog further. ♥

oh yes! I would love to win this! Congrats!!

Andrea amor, I feel so late commenting on this, but I just got my own copy of the new WWC and the funny thing is they are based here in So Cal, yet we always seem to be the last to get them, this one was a hard one to find :) But I didn't know you were being featured and it was such a wonderful surprise to see your section, the pictures, article and your studio were beautifully done. You have a wonderful studio with some beautiful things, I can see why you get so much inspiration to create the beauties that you do :) Besos, Rose

I love this magazine but can't always get it. To win the current issue would be a blast. Thanks so much.


Oh how I adore getting lost in your blog...it is one of the sweetest parts of my day! Thanks for sharing your space and your heart with all of us!!


Linda Schultz

Sooo fabulous...So BEAUTIFUL ..and SOO well deserved!!

Love to you!!
xoxo Jenny

Ohhhh!!! I am so, so, so HAPPY for your Andrea!! I'm usually just a lurker but I HAD to say something, I have a huge grin on my face, you are one of the first sweeties I came across in this little world and continue to be a source of joy and inspiration to me!!
So BRAVO to you sweet one, so VERY much deserved!!!
little hands clapping for you!!
xox Madai

Congratulations Andrea! It's no surprise to all your readers and fans that you would appear in this magazine-you're an amazing inspiration to all of us!
~Sadie Lou

oh! congrats! I would love that book ;)

i found you via other blogs! what a pretty blog and i love that book you'll be in! those books are gorgeous and i find them so inspiring to see the women and how staying true to themselves and their art gets them to a place of success...happy and filled with creativity....i'll keep looking for you. again, thanks!

I love the whimsical beauty surrounding you... your space is full of inspiration!

Congratulations on your feature!

Andrea, congratulations on being featured in WWC! As soon as I saw your name on the cover, I had to scoop up my copy without delay! I have loved your stuff for a while now and was so excited for you (and for me to get to read about you!) I like your humble attitude, too, like you can't believe you're in "the ranks" of the other featured artists. Why of course you are! Not only are your handicrafts lovely, but your blogging is an art in and of itself. You write so well, and you're a pleasure to follow!

Congrats are in order.....what a thrill of a lifetime! You've got "good stuff"! My studio is my place of peace and comfort. I love making things, but I also love just lookin' around at my wonderful stuff.....and I know you know what I mean. We are sooo blessed to have this wonderful little corner of the world all to our very own self. Again hip hip hooray for you!!!!

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