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February 17, 2010


Only cheesey people....hee hee...

: )

Julie M.

ps It was fun seeing you in Where Women Create!

I would. That looks delicious. I love pasta in any form but especially with cheese.

Andrea, i would be chowing down on that too...homemade mac and cheese is one of my favorite things...and i never make it...i am the only one in the house who likes it...and seriously...my recipe makes a vat of it...i would eat every last drop too...

a hungry person does that! I am always taking piccies of food. Becuase it looks nice, or I want to remember how I made it and a photo can do that. On Sunday I made red velvet cupcakes, first time ever and I didn't put in enough food colouring. so, made a second batch and made sure I added in plenty of colour. The mix was so brilliantly scarily red, that I had to take a photo so I knew next time that THAT is how it's meant to look! You are not alone in your foodie photos! I noticed that on my Twitter photos, almost every photo is food related! I'm not pregnant, and I think about food all the time!!!!


You are so right, another blogger would appreciate your picture of the mac and cheese ~ and yes, it does look scrumptious! And, it's winter! Gotta have comfort food...


Your mac'n cheese looks super delicious, Andrea!

It looks so pretty, now you've made me hungry...and I'm not even pregnant!

Wow this looks delicious! I've never made homemade mac&cheese before. Would you mind giving up the recipe for this one--it looks really good!

all I know is that I now have a craving for mac and cheese...

Come on Andrea ~ When your Italian like us ~~~ Who really needs an excuse to eat!!!! Pregnant or not!!! EAT!!!!!
Looks Delicious!!!

We are certainly strange and delightful creatures, we bloggers!!

Because when you're a Blogger, anything you're passionate about is fair game!

Your mac and cheese looks divine! Hope you're doing well.


The mac and cheese looks wonderful. I may need the recipe!!!

Yumm!!!! That looks Soooooo delicious!! Tease!! *giggle*

Best comfort food ever...& yours looks so yummy! And yes, I've taken pictures of food, too:) Enjoy!

My husband is getting used to me taking photos of my plate in restaurants, but he doesn't really care for it!


i love how food can be so photogenic sometimes! and ahem, this blogger is guilty as charged when it comes to snapping pics of food... and to think i used to scoff at tourists who took pics of their meals while on vaycay! oh well, now it gives us all something to talk (and drool) about!

Yummy! I just made mac and cheese for the first time last week, and it was ok, but not awesome...would you mind posting the recipe for yours? ;) I'd love to get it!

Recipe please...it looks yummy!

I just have to say that I made your Italian Wedding Cookies for Valentines Day and they were amazing! I ended up adding powdered sugar to the dough instead of putting them in the sugar and I used mascapone cheese with pow sugar and almond extract for the frosting and left them open faced. They were crazy good. That dough is so nice and bakes up beautifully. It is a keeper recipe for sure!

yummmm....mac and cheese, whether your pregnant or not is delicious!

I saw your blog in blogging for bliss! thought I'd stop by for a quick visit...
your blog is lovely!
stop by anytime...you're always welcome.

That looks seriously delicious!


that looks seriously tasty! Rachaelxo

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