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February 27, 2010


So glad you're feeling better, and the boys, too! I noticed the Ina May book in your stack....the best pregnancy read IMO!

Glad your family is on the mend.

Glad to hear you feel a lot better now!
You take beautifull pics from the pillows and books!

Have a good weekend,
Love Patricia

Glad you're feeling better now! I've had a cold for a week - must be "something going around"!

Jane - Jacksonville

I wish I had known about those papaya enzymes when I was pregnant! Glad you're feeling better. :)

we are sick here too...well 3 out of 4 of us are...glad you are feeling better Andrea!!!

Oh I remember the heartburn when I was pregnant...awful! Glad you found something to help:) Hope you & the boys are feeling fine now! Happy weekend...

So glad you are feeling better...sending love and best wishes...xo

That lamp is just beautiful! The pink one? Where did you get it?

Sorry to hear you and your boys were sick. Glad to hear you are better now. Love the pics. Your messy room still looks gorgeuos:)

Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Me too. And so we have been doing the same things. Glad that you're feeling better. Your house always looks so pretty. Even when you're sick.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Good Evening Andrea, I'm on vacation in Florida and I just couldn't resist peeking at your blog!!! I think I may be a bit obessed!!!
Anyways, I hope your feeling better and it's never fun being sick but at least it's a great chance to snuggle with your cutties! Yes your home still looks beautiful even if it's a bit messy!! And I enjoyed peeking into all of your reading material!!!
Have a Beautiful Sunday Andrea!!

XoXo Tricia K. Johnson

How do your pictures of your messy house look somewhat beautiful? :) Hope you guys get 100% quickly.

I'm so glad that you and the boys are starting to feel better.
Have a sweet and restful Sunday
CAri b.

I'm glad you are on the mend, and the rest of the family too. Loved the little peek into your world :o) xx

So sorry y'all have been sick. It's worse when you're the Mommy and you're sick because you still have to take care of everyone else! Treasure the days of snuggling, though, even if it's because of sickness. It will be too soon before they no longer want to!

I hope you'll be totally well very soon. My granddaughters are both sick and I've got my fingers crossed that they don't share it with their Gran this time 'round. ♥

So glad you are all feeling better!!

glad you are feeling better.

happy to hear that you and the boys are feeling better. it was a good time to hibernate and be cozy like little bears.


Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Your tiara will look beautiful in your little girl's bedroom...and I adore the half-price linens and trims...what a score!

Thank you so much for leading me to the Mac and Cheese recipe...there is NOTHING like homemade Mac and Cheese and I will double the cheese!

So happy to hear you and your little guys are feeling better. Have been with a head cold also all the week long. Thanks for the tip on Papaya Enzymes, good to know!

Now take care and don't over-do.
Having a head cold during pregnancy is not fun at all! I remember those days so long ago! Hoping you all have a speedy recovery!

I have the ultimate Mac and Cheese recipe. Take a peek here.
After many years of searching and trying...this is it. Trust me!


uuugh, i've had the cold/sore throat thing-y---wow, it knocks you out! sorry you had it too. iccck.
Do you feel different since it's a girl?
I was just curious....
I'm sure you are having a ball getting things collected for her room!!
take care,

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