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February 10, 2010


Beeeeeauuuutiful!!! My goodness!!! So so sweet!! ..as always...perfect!!!

Hope you guys are keeping warm!! We are frozen here on the Jersey Shore!!! Brrrrrr

XOXO Jenny

Adorable ~ And from what I've read about you ... you love your sweets!!!!
Looks like a real sugary jem to me!!!
Very Nice Andrea!!!
XOXO Tricia

It's beautiful!

I see you are keeping busy in the blizzard! We have so much snow - and living in a town house community... no where to put it!

This necklace is beautiful! Hope you all warm and safe!

Yummy and beautiful!

This is amazing..love the sweet soft colours. Great idea. xoxo

Absolutely gorgeous, Andrea, just like everything you do! I think most of us could pick out your necklace in a line-up if we had to!

So cute and pretty xo

Awesome colors! Sweet indeed!

That is so pretty, just right when your hoping for spring! Theresa

Sweet colors! Thank you!

it does look like a candy necklace...very cute Andrea!!!

Lovely! I love all the color and they look great together. Beautiful necklace!

love it....

eye candy.....looks yummy!


: )

Julie M.

Absolutely delightful, Andrea! A super sweet and pretty necklace!

It is beautiful. I went to your site and didn't see it. Is it sold?

I just picked up my new copy of where women create and there you were! they did a great job with the article and showing your studio. Congratulations!

Mmmmmmmmm!!! Yummy!! Everything you make is yummy:)

Beautiful. My new love is beeded necklaces. So pretty.

OK, it looks totally delicious!!!

So beautiful!

The prettiest candy necklace ever.

Love to you.

It does, like a string of sweeties. I've been making my own jewellery lately too. Reusing broken or unworn necklaces and turning into something new. It's very addictive isn't it?! Have to say I'm enjoying it very much. Not enjoying the appalling state of my nails quite as much though!

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