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February 12, 2010



Beautiful Idea Andrea~ What A sweet Christmas gift those would be!!! It's never to early to be organized!!

That has to be the sweetest rosary I've ever seen. so pretty. Theresa

Oh my heavens, Andrea! I'm in love with it! AHHHH!!!!!!

PS Funny to hear rosary and candy necklace in the same phrase, but, it totally works here! LOL

Just perfect.. all ready for Spring!

Absolutely love it!

Beautiful! I love the colors!

so very beautiful! Rachaelxo

How beautiful! Instant "grab" my attention. It's like a burst of Spring during this very wintery winter!

Those are the sweetest rosaries ever, Andrea!

A lovely rosary...and such serene colors:)

So pretty!

Beautiful and very Springlike! Love the color combination and rosaries are always at the top of my list.

Just beautiful! I'm teaching a CCD class & they will make their First Communion in May. It reminded me of them. What beautiful spring colors :)

So beautiful, I love this!

Gosh, that is beautiful and I had to almost prise my girlies away from the screen.

If you ever make those for the shop I shall be first in line.

Happy Saturday xxx

If you give Easter gifts, this should be at the top of the list!

Just beautiful, Andrea! What an inspiration. I'm a parish secretary, and we get so many rosaries turned in from people's relatives who have passed on. And then there's my own collection of broken rosaries. I love the idea that the much-cherised beads could have new purpose! Now I just need to learn how to make jewelry.

Oh Andrea, these are gorgeous!! I LOVE the colors you used. SO yummy and just like spring!! You are so talented, I love everything you make :):)
Big Hugs,

Oh my goodness!
These are just BEAUTIFUL, - "mouth dropping beautiful."
Love, Love, Love!

There's something innocent and powerful about the candy colors--they work so beautifully in rosaries. There's something about the faceted cuts of some of the beads that give it strength, too. My "thing" is refashioning jewelry out of old costume jewelry and broken pieces, so I really liked what you did! Brava!

beautiful ~ what a great idea

I adore rosaries! This is beautiful!

Once again, you have come up with a beautiful idea. I too have broken rosaries. Now I know what I can do with these pieces. Thanks:)

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