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January 25, 2010


Absolutely adorable, each more delicious than the next! Your post inspired me to start putting up the Valentine's Day decorations around the house today....never too early to share the love!

Gorgeous! Rachaelxo

You are so beyond talented! these are amazing!

*sigh* As always, you make my sigh. You have the magic touch, Andrea. Everything you do is lovely.

Something about a pretty box too...can't resist them. I wanted them all but feel really lucky to have gotten here in time to pick one - such scrumptiousness!

So so pretty Andrea!!!!! Lovely as always! ;) Love, Jenn

gorgeous Andrea!!!

love the treats on a stick!!!

really beautiful, andrea. love the boxes!


Oh my your sweet creations give me goosebumps...off to take a peek at your lovely shop!

so stunning. Love everything,but those trinket boxes are just divine.

My crush on you just got bigger! You are so incredibly talented and I love everything you make. I started my addiction to blogs by way of yours last summer. I wish I had an ounce of your talent. Have you ever considered doing online classes?

Truly (trulyandjohn.hauser@comcast.net)

oh so very pretty! I would love to buy some but they were all sold out... will you have more I can purchase?

Gorgeous Andrea! I am soooo sad I arrived too late to get one for myself. Those heart boxes are to die for! Hope you are taking good care of yourself.


I adore all yoour love tokens, but they are all sold out!! Yippee for you though! I received my candles from the place you recommended and I LOVE them!! Thanks for the tip!

Cute cute cute!!!

Oh Andrea, these are stunning!! And I missed out on all of them :( I am so upset!! I LOVE those hearts!!!
Big Hugs,

They are beautiful!!

Andrea....I can't believe I am one of the lucky ones who got a Valentine wand. It is lovely.
xxoo Valarie

These are just stunning! And you're so right, good things do come on sticks! lol

BTW, I am writing a blog post on inspiration boards and wanted to ask permission to post yours (with a link back of course) but I cannot find an e-mail addy to contact you. Would you mind letting me know if it's okay if I use your picture? If not, no worries! lol Thank you so much! :)

These are really pretty, Andrea...so sweet!
hugs, Sherry

Don't forget CORNDOGS! That's one of the best treats on a stick! :) Your "sticks" are lovely and the trinket boxes are adorable.

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