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January 18, 2010


mmmm. can't beat a lovely candle. My current favourite is Fresh Cut Roses by Yankee. They really do smell like fresh cut roses! :o)
Hope you are feeling wonderful, and Baby Girl is being kind (letting you rest, sleep and eat!)xxxx

OMgosh..they look really cool! I bookmarked the link. Thanks for sharing. I love candles. I just bought Yankee's new scent. Strawberry Buttercream - yum!

Good Morning Andrea,
I don't think I could beat the smell of pink peonies in the middle of January up here in Minnesota!!!!
Thanks for sharing Andrea~ I hope you and the bambino have a beautiful day!!!
Sincerely, Mrs. Tricia K. Johnson

Ooh they are so pretty, thanks for the tip - I'm always looking for new soy candles to try!

oooh, those are lovely Andrea!!! i was recently looking on line for mercury glass cups to put votives in...these are so much prettier than what i had found...thanks for sharing!!!

Pretty scents in pretty 'packaging"...perfect:)

Hi Dear..visiting ur sweet blog...add me in ur blogroll ok...i have a super cute blog too,alywas with great poems and posts talkin about the life,love and God.Big Hug!!

Thanks for sharing cute girl.

Oh how beautiful!!!!!

We just ordered these for our store...I'm glad they burn nice and smell good too!

The candle holders look pretty. I have never tried soy candles, but have heard they are better. Since you mentioned your store, just wondering if you plan on opening it again?


tonight at michaels i saw some of their new spring decor and they have some bud vases in a similar vein.

hope you are feeling well & finding time to put your feet up and rest!


I went right over to the site and bought of the spice scent!

Very veryyyyyy nice blog......

Those are lovely, Andrea.

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I love the pink peony. Thanks for sharing!

You are soooo right..........adorable!

Warm blessings,

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