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December 14, 2009


Your post is very timely, I have been considering closing my shop for a few months, a part of me is confused, sad, tied in knots and the other part of me leaps at the prospect of having my life back, having my home in order and returning to a career that is, to say the least, stable! I was actually going to go back in time to see what your were saying at the time of closing but stopped after reading your first paragraph of your post. It is a very hard topic to get feedback on unless you have lived it. So, thank you for having perfect timing, and clearly your jewels are a hit, as I thought I may need one to lift my spirits...congratulations to you they are all sold.

you should never doubt yourself. Ever. Your work is just beautiful, you have a real eye for design and lots of talent.



I think your jewelry is lovely. I have been making jewelry for fifteen years with a small company (my daughter and me) and the hardest thing I have found is to find my own "style." You seem to have done that and have what is a cohesive "collection."
Wow! That is really something!

So glad you followed your heart:) The jewelry is amazing...once again!

Oh my goodness. Your work is gorgeous. The collection is amazing and I want it all!! I dabble using vintage jewelry to create new pieces and I am sitting here drooling over your work. Your eye for design and color is unrivaled. I definitely will be back to make a purchase after the holidays to treat myself!!

Andrea, those are all so very lovely...the candy colors and elements you used are gorgeous!!!

Everything is so lovely. I had to go out of town this afternoon and everything was sold out when I got back! We're very sad!

Everything looks beautiful! See you soon!

hi andrea,

so happy to see you feeling good about your decision but also continuing to fill your little shop. your shop's presentation, logo and packaging are simply beautiful; so is your jewelry collection!


Oh, my, everything sold in the blink of an eye it seems, Andrea. I didn't even have a chance :( Everything you made is absolutely tdf gorgeous!!!

How did you learn to make this jewelry? Is there a book you would recommend, not for the design, but for actually attaching the pieces together? Thank you!

it's all gorgeous girlie...just gorgeous.
i decided to close my online shop as well.
uggh....the same feeling of needing to regroup.

Andrea ~ Good Afternoon!!!

Wow ~All of your handmade creations are sooooo absolutely beautiful!!!!
I couldn't believe how fast they went!!!! Oh My Goodness!!! How crazy is that… I peaked at right away at 12:30 CST and by 1:00 I think EVERYTHING was gone!!!!!!
In the blink of an eye!!!! Congratulations!!!!
On that note, let me state this…. NEVER EVER doubt yourself or your talent as the items your creating are just simply beautiful!!!!
Have a blessed Christmas and God Bless,
XOXO & Smiles To You!!!!
Tricia J.

Whenever i see the post like your's i feel that there are still helpful people who share information for the help of others, it must be helpful for other's. thanx and good job.


those turned out so pretty! yeah you! btw- i just heard michael buble's version of 'at this moment' and it made me think of you...oh how i loved when you sang that song :) hope you are feeling better, friend!

Oh boy....I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Great vintage jewelry creations! And the Shiny Brites and mercury glass ornaments, and that wreath with the bird......ohhhh, it's almost too must for a girl's eyes in the morning!! Gorgeous stuff!! Just me style! Great work and have a blessed holiday!

What a gorgeous photo! Those necklaces are so dreamy!!!!

All lovely! You have wonderful treasures. It's great that you have the ability to make use of them all and create gorgeous pieces for ladies to enjoy:)

Your jewelry is so beautiful, Andrea! It was all sold when I got to your website!! Hopefully, I will be faster next time!lol
Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas!
Hugs, Sherry

These sold out SO fast! Congrats Andrea! You really do such beautiful work. :)

What talent! I love your jewelry. Where do you find the materials?

Looking forward to seeing your next creations!

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

You shouldn't doubt yourself lady! Just look at your shop - everything is sold (DAMN IT!), everyone has come on and snaffled your beautiful jewels. What a testament to your talent.

Your jewelery is beautiful, and you deserve to be happy and successful, doing something you love!!

Maija, thank you so much for yourkind words of support!
Wishing you happy holidays!!

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Love all the creations! SO beautiful

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