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December 19, 2009


Andrea--thank you for sharing your life with me on your blog!!Merry Christmas!!

I was reading about your visit with Hope on her blog. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's so nice to visit with friends during the holidays, isn't it? Love the boy's advent calendar....and all those baked goodies - you have been busy. Hope your ears are feeling better and Sam's cold too. It's no fun being sick at Christmas.

I think we live near each other! Have we ever seen so much snow? I hope you hang in there until your husband gets home. I love your Christmas card. Your boys are precious!

ahhh Andrea.. your biscuits look so yummyy.. Merry Christmas

WooHoo! Six days...Yay!!! So sorry you and little Sam have been sick. Glad you're feeling better now. The snow is beautiful! Glad your hubby will be home soon to tackle those chores for you. LOVE the Christmas card!!

I probably shouldn't be so amused but I can't help but smile when I think about you being pregnant and out there shoveling snow for the mail lady- its so sweet that you let her use your bathroom. I know what you mean about it's the least you can do- when I had the mailperson picking up packages every other day, I'd leave them granola bars and bottles of water- I was just so glad that I didn't have to go to the post office.

Your cards are adorable and your baking is making my mouth water. Happy holidays!

Andrea Cinderella... wishing you & your beautiful family the Merriest Christmas!!! Everything is just beautiful even your cookies are all color coordinated. P.S. love Hopes necklace too.

Hi! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! Those cookies look amazing. Makes me miss the NY bakeries!

love your sweet Christmas card...hope all start to feel better soon. Have a very very blessed week.

yes I'm ready! :o) We have had quite a bit of snow here too, and I did the same ~ shovelled the pathway to our house. It's hard work!

I hope everyone is feeling much better now. Not fun being poorly over the festive season.

Love your Christmas cards. I need to get sorted, and send out some virtual cards, a copy of the one we've been sending out. It just gets so busy at this time of year.

Glad you had a visit from Hope, the goodies she gave you are just beautiful.

Have a lovely Sunday, take care and look after yourself. xx

yes, I imagine I didlook pretty funny out there shovelling! LOL. And like you said,thank God for the mail carrier pick up!
Happy Holidays Beth!

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It has been my pleasure! And thank YOU for reading my blog and staying in touch!
Merry Christmas!

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oh boy! not good being sick during the holidays! Your little muffin men are so adorable ~ great card :)

Your cookies look yummalicious! What is the name of the cookie in the first photo, the long skinny ones sprinkled with almonds & icing? They are beautimous! I remember having those years and years ago at Christmas Time. Would love to know what they're called . . . .

Happy Holidays to you & yours, Andrea * hope your ears are feeling ALL better soon!

Oh my, I can't believe how much you've gotten done in a week! And have you ever seen so much snow? My cousin lives on Long Island & I think they got 20 inches or so...ugh! Love, love those Christmas cards; the boys are adorable:) Stay well, remember to rest a little, Andrea;) And have a very Merry Christmas!

Oh, those cookies look so good!Your Christmas card is beautifu... better than any you could have bought, that's for certain! I hope you and Sammy are feeling much better, now! Hope's necklace looks amazing! We've gots loads and loads of snow here as well... loaded! And, I hope those couple of days'til you see George hurry for you and the boys!

aw, what a sweet christmas card! i really like ours this year, too. it's of the boys holding wii remotes in a playful pose and says: wii wish you a merry christmas. :)

double ear infections!? ugh. glad you are feeling better. take 2 cookies with each Rx!

happiest holidays

Andrea, We have the same first name! And, I am Italian! Actually, Sicilian. The cookies looked so delicious! I wanted to reach into the computer and grab one to eat. LOL I am adding you to my blog list and invite you to visit my blog. I just started blogging last week and am having so much fun meeting new ladies with common interests. My boys are grown, but we had an advent calendar every year. Loved those!

Merry Christmas to your sweet family.


so glad those cookies were not there when I was... you should be too or you would have had to re-bake them all becuase I would have eaten them all! They look amazing!

I had a wonderful time - you are a perfect hostess!

Hope Sam is feeling better!!

I hope Sam is feeling better. Quelli biscotti, ho voglia di provare tutti. Un abbraccio e tanti auguri di Buon Natale

ohh I bet you girls had such a nice time! I love Hopes necklace she made... and the card is just PERFECT!!

Hope George gets home soon! xoxo

Wow..it is looking to be you have big collection fo different different thing. I love you blog.

What a very sweet gesture...shoveling a path so the mail lady can use your bathroom! I love it!

Realizing this is late comment to your wonderful post, but I love, love love the Christmas card you made!!! and the treats looked so yummy, and what a beautiful view from your porch! (from a Florida girl, that's some site!)


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