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November 09, 2009


Oh yeah, this room is soooo dirty *eye roll.*
Don't talk to me @ Silver Bella.

Yeah, still doesn't count as messy.

Even when its "dirty" it is gorgeous!

I loooove it! Your my kinda girl...It was beautiful before but it's inspiring now.

I love it!

still looks good to me! Rachaelxo

but what a beautiful mess! I only take photos of my home to show online when it's tidy, because it is normally the complete opposite!

have fun at the silver bella thingummy. xx

p.s I'm normally zonked out by 9.30 and I only have one little 'un to deal with. (I am such a lightweight) 7.30 sounds like a valliant effort to me! xx

i've seen worse...hee hee...everyone is right, you can't hide pretty...and it still looks wonderful in there!!!

ha-ha! jake is looking at blogs with me this morning and he saw the pic of your room and asked me if it was a "wrecked up high school"! i told him no, that it was your craft room and he asked what all the "wrecked up-ness" was! apparently he hasn't been up to my room in the last couple days or he would know ALL about "wrecked up-ness". Hope you are feeling well, friend. Have fun at Silver Bella if I don't get to talk to you before you leave!

It's beautiful, before-during-and after! I could stare at the pictures of your scrumptious room all day. Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella!

Even messy, that room is gorgeous! Have a wonderful time at SilverBella...safe travels:)

It is still so beautiful. Love that you shared. Wishing you a happy day!

I'm just happy to see another picture of it. I have been dreaming about that room! It has inspired me to get back to work on my own space. Thanks for sharing!

awww....thanks for sharing the blissful mess of it too!!! and thanks for answering the questions in the midst of getting ready for SB!!!! you'll have bunches of fun~ i'm so happy for you that you get to go again!!
take lots of pics...and have a happy and wonderful time!!!

It still looks gorgeous!
I saw your beautiful bookmarks in Somerset the other day - Congratulations! I saw them on your blog months ago and even made one. Then I couldn't find the ribbon clamps anywhere to make more!

this room is positively dreamy.

messy = creating = happy


Too funny, Andrea! Isn't funny how creativity can produce such messiness! I just spent the last couple days reorganizing and purging (didn't do so well with the purging!) my space - it looked like a house tornado hit the room! When I would take a break to clear my head, I'd click on your room pics for inspiration. It's comforting to know your gorgeous work space can look a "bit tussled" at times too!

Have fun with the Bellas! I'm so jealous . . .

You make "Messy" look good. LOL

This room is such a dream!

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