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October 18, 2009


What handsome birthday boys you have! Love the photos. Great shots capturing the moment.

i love the birthday story. great cupcakes!!

Andrea, Sam's reaction reminds me a lot of our son at about the same age...we put a cake in front of him with lit candles and he instantly turned serious and afraid and said "fi-ya!" (fire). Here we were trying to be good parents, training our children about the dangers of fire and then we put one right in front of him (on his birthday cake no less) and tell him to blow on it lol! One of the many humbling moments of parenthood :P

Glad your party was a success!


Really cute!!
You did a wonderful job!!
The boys look adorable as always.

What precious pictures! (Isn't it amazing how different each child is?!)

And look at you on the cover of Somerset Life!

So lovely...your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing the Birthday fun with us!

happy birthday!!! how sweet

oh poor little chap! It can be overwhelming for tinies to be in the spotlight. No such problems with my tiny diva, who seems to love it. No idea where that comes from, both hubby and I are quite shy,but she is most certainly not. When we leave the supermarket on a Saturday morning, she bellows 'bye everyone in Sainsbury's'! Hilarious!

Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them.You have had a busy week!


Love the pic blowing out the candle. Cute!

Sounds like a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend! Celebrating little smiles and big moments...doesn't get much better than that:)

From the time the girls were 2 until they were around 10 we just stopped singing Happy Birthday because their reaction was always that of Sam's. We even asked their teachers not to have the class sing to them when we brought cupcakes in for their birthday!

......and where the heck has the time gone? Mario is 5...I can't believe it!!! The boys are just adorable. Jordy has offered to babysit when we do our yearly...Pam Andrea Dana Christmas Luncheon!

Awww...your boys look adorable Andrea! Mario blowing out the candle is priceless!Poor little Sam. Just wasnt a happy camper! LOL!!! Cant wait to see more pics! XOXO,Jenn

Isn't it amazing how two siblings can be so different from each other? They are both so handsome and I look forward to seeing more birthday pics. :)

~ Wendy

What wonderful birthday celebrations.
The boys are gorgeous

hey doll
aaawww the boys are getting so big.
see ya soon

What a cute party idea!! You found some really neat stuff. Your boys look adorable even the crying Sam:) We have a picture of our youngest crying at his sister's 5th birthday because he couldn't blow out the candles. Whenever we talk about birthdays that always comes up. And now that he is about to be 13 he isn't thinking it's funny anymore:)
I hope everything is all right with you. I noticed the shop is closed. Darn!
Take care.

Lovely boys - and I do also have a Sam:)
I follow your blog from Norway, and have linked you at my blog.
Your blog is very inspirational.
Thank you!

Oh, poor Sam, they sure did look adorable! And so did every one of your decorations! I'm sure they will look back at it with very fond memories!

The boys look adorable.. in their plaid shits. Poor little Sam, though. I love, love the cicus theme! I have those same cupcake picks too!

My son cried for almost his entire bday party too. Adorable pics Andrea. I'm already planning my twins party and it's 6 months away. HA! But it's just too much fun.

so precious, I can't believe how big they are getting!

The party seems so enjoyable because of these lovely photos. Those two little cute boys are so cute. Great photo captures!!!

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