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October 30, 2009


Gorgeous room Andrea! It really is a reflection of you! Congrats on the baby! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wow! What a tremendously wonderful space. I have to ask, do your boys ever get into your things or are you able to completely close off the room? With 6 children we use all of our bedrooms as bedrooms. We too have a little used formal LR, but if it were a craft/sewing room my little girls would have a field day.

So glad you're feeling better! We are sending major girls vibes your way (but will be thrilled about another boy too)!


Gasp! I GET it!!! Such a lovely room of beautiful inspiration!

OH MY GOODNESS! I adbolutely LOVE it, I totally get it, I have my own little "playroom" filled with craft like things that I create, and I'm hoping one day soon that I can get some crazy fun storage like you have.... you have inspired me to blog about my playroom! :)

I could spend hours in your room looking at all your cute stuff!

Ooooh I so get it. I could live in that room. It is so beautiful. Everything in there just makes me happy. So very happy. Thank you for sharing!

And when I need a break from all my painting I'm going to treat myself with another look at your pretty room.

Oh my gosh! Your room is fabulous! I could look at these photos over and over! I agree with the others, you need to be in WWC.

oh wow Andrea!! Heaven!!! LOVE it all!! Sooo fabulous!!! I hope you and your darling family have a fabulous Halloween!! Huge hugs!! Britt :-)

oooops!! forgot to say sooo excited for you and the new little one on the way!! yay!! xoxo!


Andrea, you have the most perfect space for creating!!! I am so jealous of all the space you have and everything is so beautiful!!! How wonderful to have all those shelves!! I had so much fun peeking into your studio :) You have such beautiful things, I love all your hats and the purse shaped like a house is so unique! And all you wallpaper!!!!!!! Your so lucky!!
I am so glad you are feeling good. I have been thinking about you and praying for you!

got it!

DROOL is soaking my keyboard! I better get a mop next time I come back for a peek! So beautiful! Everything!!

I wanted to say that I made a similar shade as the one with the dress pattern...so fun. I always thought I "got" you and after seeing that we are craft sisters indeed! Andrea you have blown me away again! Thanks for sharing a corner of your world and for all your inspiration!


Andrea your craft room is so beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations on the new baby to come. How exciting for your family. I too remember when Sam was born. Time sure does fly.

hello andrea!

first, warmest congratulations on your happy happy news!!!

second, your studio is so amazing. the palette is so soft and pretty. your one hundred wishes logo framed is beautiful. did you design the logo yourself? beautiful. it's like i want to print out this entire post to make an inspiration book! love the openness - how it displays all of your beautiful things.

your life is so filled with everyday beauty! wishing you good health and donuts!


Oh wow! Andrea, this has got to be the most beautiful playroom I have ever seen! Know wonder you are so creative - with surroundings like this, who wouldn't be? It's gorgeous! And I love how soothing all the creamy colors are too. Thanks so very much for sharing these photos with us. I"m going back to study them again!
Happy Halloween:)

Your room is gorgeous. I wish my craft room looked half so nice.

You and Holly Abston were separated at birth. Congratulations. I hope you have a boring pregnancy! Your room is like a birthday cake, delicious.

This room is so lovely! Totally jealous of all your fabulous supplies

Such a beautiful room and so girlie in your world of men.

I think that the re-organising is the best bit of having a playroom to craft in.

Huge congratulations on your fantastic news. So excited for you.

Happy Saturday xxx

Oh, I GET it! And I want to come look at every inch of it in person! It's just truly gorgeous and very reflective of what I think of as your style. Completely inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Oh my goodness! Absolutely inspiring1 Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos with us!

oh I get it. I would absolutley LOVE a room like that. Actually, so would Gorgeous Girl! We could both spend hours in there. Gorgeous Girls bedroom is the smallest room in the house. I want to move her out and into the room I call The Laura Ashley Room (which sounds grand, it's only called that because it's sugar almond pink and the curtains came from LA! I'm a tragic soul who just loves to name her rooms..and kitchen appliances, but that's a whole story on it's own!) Thus far, Bill has resisted, but I am a determined little thing and want/need/demand a room for my creative stuff. After all, he has his den, a lovely little room where I shut him away .. I mean, where he watches football and listens to his music! ;o)

I have totally enjoyed my virtual rummage in your craft room. It's just as magical and gorgeous as I expected it to be.
I had to laugh when I saw your tutu covered lampshade. I did the exact same thing back in June, with a tiny pink tutu I bought for Humbug when she was a baby. She only wore it a couple of times, because quite honestly only a fool makes a baby wear a tutu! I was that fool, but I loved her in it. I can't bear to part with all of her baby clothes, so I have a stash that I will keep forever, a stash that I use for projects, and a stash that is slowly getting put out in charity bags. Anyway, the tutu is a lampshade, you can see it here http://cottonrose.blogspot.com/2009/06/bit-of-decorating.html
I love it, it worked so well.

Time I toodled off. Hope you are having a lovely Halloween. xxx

Oh my, oh my...best. room. ever. Love it, love it, love it! And I totally get it; we turned our living room into a scrap/office/craft room for me:)
P.S. Now you'll need to have an old flashcard with the number 5 on it{something tells me you probably already have one in your stash;)}

absolutely amazing Andrea...and I get it, I surely do!

I so get it. I'm the same way about having everything where I can see them. Out of sight, definitely out of mind.

Impatient Cajun

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