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October 30, 2009


I am ready to come play!! My heart is fluttering! Andrea, you have the most beautiful stuff on earth! That little trophy cup and that house shaped wicker purse!!! Anong with the millions of other things!!! All to much for me to take in!! Eeeek!!!

Okay, Andrea, enough with the gorgeous! I can take no more.

Andrea...that was so much fun! Of course I have been over many times to see the real thing, but how nice to gaze at all the little details at slow speed! What a fabulous room, and I am not even a "pink girl" as you know. I'm a "blue girl" all the way. None the less, your attention to every little detail and creative genius is mind boggling sometimes. Not to mention your vast collections of lovlies are everywhere. I'm sure there will be ladies drooling on their keyboards when they catch a glimpse of this post! xo..Pam

Oh my goodness......I definetly get it and I am LOVING every last bit in every photo. Your craftroom needs to be featured in WWC. It is truely spectacular. I wish we lived closer for me to just hang out in there. Oh my goodness....that is all I have say.

P.S Can't wait to see you!

P.S.S One more thing....I love the lampshade you made out of the vintage pattern tissue paper. Fablous!

It's LOVELY! Oh my! I totally get it!

I'm speechless.. What a fabulous and pretty space you've created for yourself. I would love to have a room just like this in my own home filled with all sorts of pretty things. I'd never want to leave the room...:-)

i love it....i just found a tuff shed that i am having delivered next week, you have given me alot of inspiration, thanks

Andrea, you have the most gorgeous playroom i have ever seen...it is wonderful...thanks for sharing!!!

dying. no words.... love, love, loooooooooooooooooooooove!


I get it, I get it!!! I'd love to sit in that room and just soak it in for a while:)
Hope you continue to feel well.

BeAuTiFuL! When shall I come over to create? ;)

I get it!

Andrea, your room is a delicious treat for the eyes!

I have chocolate...will make a trade. LOL!

What a beautiful place full of inspiration!

What an amazing room..pure inspiration everywhere one turns. I am in Love!

These photos make my heart go pitter patter and I mean literally!!! What a beautiful room. I love everything.

Hello Sweet Andrea!
I just read your good news!!! I am so happy for you, your husband, and family!! God is so good!! I am praying for you to have a healthy pregancy and no complications. Also, I wanted to comment on your craft room and say I get it. If I had a craft room like yours I would be in heaven!! It is so beautifully fabulous in there and I can only hope that one day I will have my own little piece of heaven to create in. :) God bless you and the little one you are carrying! Take care my precious friend!

Your room is so inspiring! Also....a big...huge...CONGRATULATIONS...on your upcoming little one...so excited for you and your family!

.....no words to express how magnificent your craft room is and how jealous i am of it x3 I would DIE if i went in there....i would DIE HAPPY

i just want to walk in sit on the floor and and absorb the majesty xD im sorry im just SOOOO impressed! I get it completely...and then some ^ ^


Stunning! Absolutely lovely!!!

Oh, boy do I get it, Andrea! Your studio/office space is tdf gorgeous! Delicious! Delightful and inspiring! I'm definitely going to take notes as I am (very, very slowly) trying to set up my own studio/craft space in the basement playroom. Thanks for all of the eye candy and inspiration! p.s. I agree, you should definitely be in WWC magazine!

It's all so fun! I actually had a little wicker house purse as a teenager. I know I never got rid of it. Hmmm, where is that. . .

Oh, Andrea. I GET it. Your room is a little piece of heaven! Absolutely gorgeous and soooo you. :) Do you have it closed off with baby gates or is it all open? If you don't yet, you'd better, ha.

Have a good weekend!

Sooo very beautiful, Andrea! What I love the most about your studio is that it is so totally YOU! Just lovely...

Oooh, ooooh, Andrea...I could not even look at those photographs. I am so happy for you and your family. Wishing you a very healthy nine months.

Ciao bella,

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