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October 06, 2009


Absolutely LOVE your inspirational board. Makes me want to update mine a bit...

A great inspiration it is!!
It's nice to see what you see.

I've been dying to put up an inspiration board but just never got around to doing it. Yours is so wonderful and filled with all kinds of lovely bits and pieces! I may finally have to go ahead and start putting one together.

Your inspiration board is beautiful!

Loooooooooove your board. I can see how it can inspire the creative mind. Thank you for sharing all those small, but precious treasures.

OMG! I'm just completely in love with your blog! Great job and congrats, sweetie!

Wow!! That's an amazing inspiration board!

what a lovely tour of your inspiration! a wonderful post.


Thank You Andrea!
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful inspiration and wrtiting such a fabulous blog in the middle of raising such a wonderful family & your fabulous shop.
I appreciate it all!
Joelle XOXO


ooh yes, it is lovely to take a little nose around boards like this. Thank you for sharing it. I'm in the process of putting one together, but it's something that takes time to build up. I'm in no rush, it's nice finding things and knowing they will end up on the board. Once it's looking more substantial I'll share it on CR. :o)

Thanks for stopping by. It's always a lovely treat to see your name in the comments. I'm glad you like the Mr Bunbury thing! Such a great name!


Andrea, this is truly beautiful and heartfelt, I love it! You make me want to do something like this :)

Every inch is filled with inspiration to last a lifetime. Your ever-changing collage is truly a thing of beauty.

Andrea what a beautiful Inspiration Board, so many treasures

The circus is going to be glorious fun!!! I love your board and the seashell necklace is like a rosary with all your happy thoughts up there. I am so glad to share this with you and wish you well. Blessings.


this is beautiful! I am a little jealous! i have a few boards above my desk with pretty things but nothing like this! I am inspired.

It's a shabby chic board full of inspiration!

What a beautiful board! And I love all the old religious articles. So beautiful!

Your page is great! I'm new to blogging and am looking to follow Shabby Chic lovers, garage sale and vintage collectors, Classic Hollywood lovers or just Mom's like myself. It would be great to make some new friends. I would love if you would come join my page and follow me, save my site and come back often:-) If you would like:-) Have a great day! Winona

Delicious-it's so YOU! Thank you for sharing those tine sweet bits with us!

I have to say that even when you think it is messy, it is still pretty clean and organized. I really love coming over and being in your space - it is inspiring and it reflects YOU so perfectly. Makes me want to come play again soon!

Wonderful!!!!! Lovely!!!!
A eautiful inspiration!


Hi Andrea! I've been thinking of making part of my bedroom into a creative space, so I just had to go look up your beautiful studio once again for inspiration!!! I'm drooling over my keyboard... love each and every little thing!!! And your inspiration board... oh my!!! Just completely gorgeous!!! May I ask what you used for the back (base) of your inspiration board? I have a pretty vintage frame I want to use, but it's not a standard size, so not sure what to do.

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