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October 04, 2009


I can completely agree on being torn between missing all the wonderful things of summer yet ready for all the wonderful things of fall!
Love your skirts by the way, especially the one with the hot pink trim.

Such a sweet post. Glad you all enjoyed the wiggles, and those carrots are perfect! :) I, too, love the skirts.

I can't believe summer flew by so quickly! Thank goodness we can capture it in beautiful pictures like the ones on your blog. Happy October! Hugs, gwyn

I have such a hard time "giving up" summer, too:) I do like Fall & all its fun, but I just dread the winter that always follows! Love all your pictures...the boys are adorable, as always:)

I always find the end of summer to be so bitter sweet. It certainly flew by this year. But then I think of autumn and all of its wonderful autumnal goodness (I just love the word "autumnal"!!) and then I am able to say goodbye to summer much more easily!! : )

~ Wendy

This is always a hard time of year for me. The END...clean out the garden, can all the tomatoes, pick the pumpkins...then comes winter. COZY winter. Too cold to go outside, white fluffy snow, crackling fires, hot lattes. It always gets better!

A lovely summer, lovely family times - the Wiggles are great and its ok to like them, I dance to their music with the Princess doing all the actions!!! Fun!!! Rachaelxo

Aaah to live somewhere where we can wear cotton skirts year round. I'm a warm weather girl too. What fun times you had this summer. Happy fall to you! Can't wait to see what fun holiday things will be in your shop.

p.s. I love the photo of Mario in between those two cute girls. Priceless.

It looks like you had a lovely summer.
I'm sure your fall will be just as wonderful.
Cari B.

Can't wait to see the boys soon! Mallory only goes backwards in her Cozy Coupe too... :)

What a great summer you have had.
I wondered where 'Our' Wiggles were.
They are fabulous for the kids.

So wonderful things had happened this summer and it looks like your family had a share of a fun summer too.

Have a nice day and God bless!

you'll hate me for saying this, but I am always delighted to say goodbye to summer! Not a summer person really, which is a shame as my little girl is a June baby. I do try though, I promise. I find good things about it, like picking roses from the garden each day, and the glut of strawberries available. I love autumn and winter. It's my birthday this week, which is probably why October is my favourite month! ;o)

Lovely, lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them.xx

I am a jeans girl so I have been excited to pull them out fo the back of the closet. It never gets cold enough for heavy coats around here so I usually love the light weight sweaters and cardi's I can wear from now til spring!! Great pictures!!

I can't believe you are admitting loving the Wiggles:-) I have never even let my third child hear them. In fact...that little boy doesn't even know that there is music just for him:-) Great photos and your boys are just precious!

Lovely summer times with your family!

Don't you just LOVE Cosy Coupes!! I think it's their 40th anniversary or something like that - such fun to see something my son enjoyed still being enjoyed by my grandchildren and many others!

Jane - Jacksonville

p.s. Don't worry, they learn to go forward too - vroom, vroom!

I wish I was headed to Silver Bella this year... Maybe next year.

lovin the photo's girlie!
where do you live that you all are still in shorts!!!

What FUNNNN!!! Boy those lil guys are tooo cute!! And geez are they getting sooo big!!

I ALLLWAYS thought you and Gabrielle needed to hang out!! You two gals could be total BFFS!! :)

Happy Fall!!!
xoxo Jenny

oh, I am so sad to see summer go too! But it has been so chilly here lately, I am enjoying fires and baking, sweters and ugg boots! And it means sb is soon!
xoxo, Tiffany

Wonderful post Andera! It is bittersweet with Summer leaving us. Gosh how the time flies! Your boys are so handsome! I totally let out a giggle over Mario's carrots. Just because they look a bit strange, I guarantee they are the BEST tasting carrots! hee! hee! See you soon!!! XOXO,Jenn

Tell your son that those are the finest looking home-grown carrots I've seen! Gardening really teaches patience, doesn't it?

We saw the Wiggles Live 3 or 4 years ago, and my daughter enjoyed it but my mom and I LOVED it. They seem to really enjoy what they do! You have a beautiful family!

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