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October 05, 2009


Oh yummy...sounds simple & delicious! Love the idea of freezing the pesto in ice cube trays. Thanks for sharing:)

And to think I didn't use so much of the basil from our garden this year! Thanks for sharing -- we will definitely be using this with our next harvest of basil. Ice cube trays are great aren't they? We use them for leftover vegetables from dinner -- mash them up and freeze for later for Coe. Hope you're doing well -- I think of you so often! XO -- Rosalyn-Sue

mmm mmm mmm that sounds SO good Andrea...i love pesto tossed in with pasta and grilled chicken or shrimp...yummy!!!

Mmmmmm.. sounds ymmy

Yum! That photo is great- it makes the basil look gigantic!

I use this same recipe and love being able to pull the pesto from the freezer for soups during the winter. BTW, I think that tonight just might have to be tomato, mozzarella, and pesto paninis. Yours look delicious!

Thanks for sharing your recipe and tips. I love that photo!

such a beautiful photo.

Yum, recipe sounds excellent, will have to give it a whirl

I have not tried how to make Basil Pesto yet but thank you for posting its ingredients and procedure on how to make it. Now I can have a try how to do this. LOL!!!

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