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September 11, 2009


Oh Boy! I ordered mine. Wonder if it will come in the mail today? I spent last evening thumbing thru my old copies and can't wait to see the new one.

How exciting that you have the book in your hands already!

RA is doing a book signing in London on 1 Oct which I have tickets for - I cannot wait!

I still await my own home but I know how I would want it and like you seeing the book made it all seem real and I wasn't just crazy for my ideas!

Do you read her blog? It's so inspirational esp her talking about the closing of her stores.

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

Hi there Andrea!!!
Hope you had a great summer!!!

My friend told me about this book, and she said is great, I have to pick up a copy!!!

Hope everybody is well!!!


SOLD...off to order it right now! Which will complete my collection of her books! I love them all!

Sweet! I've been looking forward to seeing it!

: )

Julie M.

Oh I definitely need{want}to have this book!

I can't wait to get my own copy. I love all the Shabby Chic books and I'm glad she's written another decorating book. Lovely tribute to her.

Totally love Shabby Chic and can't wait to Rachel Ashwell's new book. Thanks for the great find!

Thanks for sharing. She is incredible and her style is unbelieveable!!! I drooled....DROOLED when she designed Madres. I was hooked at that point.

Can't wait to get my copy! I hope you're enjoying it, Andrea. I think how you photographed the cover is just perfect!

I can't wait to get my hands on it!!! : )

~ Wendy

crikey. I don't think it's available here until next month. I've asked the hubby to get it for me for my bd :O) Can't wait.

Do you know, I'd never heard of Rachel Ashwell or Shabby Chic until earlier this year. I have heard of the phrase 'shabby chic' but I didn't realise it was a shop or that books were available. I've since loved ordering them and agree entirely, they are so beautiful to look at. Every photo is fabulous and her ideas are inspirational.
If I could get into London for a book signing I'd be there in a flash, but sadly I know it's not possible this year.

enjoy your weekend x

I ordered this and thought it would be here today! No such luck:( Can't wait to see it. I so miss her stores. Such beautiful ideas!

I have all of her other books, and love them. I forgot to order this one. I will go now and order it. I don't want to be missing out.

ooh, what a great book to initiate my borders rewards card with! thank you for the info!


I can't wait to see this book!! Will have to go out and look through it. I have all her books. Discovering her show on the Style channel changed my life, and that is not an exaggeration!

Yes, so excited! My bff in So. Cal promised me a signed copy for my birthday so I have to wait til Oct... Her first book was the first time a "home interiors" book that ever truly resonated with me. Now all of her books are on a little shelf of their own. Rachel was the first one that made me feel I was not alone in my love for all things vintage, floral, pretty, pastel and comfortable....

I just got caught up on your most recent posts and I have to say that you have inspired me more than anyone. You're witty and charming and I love your style! Other than my daughter's birthday invitations and party plans I have been in a major creative rut. That was until your Flea Market Flowers post in July. I sat and read your entire blog from the very beginning (no, not a stalker :-)!) and then visited many more blogs from your list and so on. I couldn't get enough. I am completely in awe of all the creative women out there. You're all fabulous and I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to create again. In fact, your fabulous canvas bags inspired me to get out my new sewing machine and create my very first sewing project (a shower curtain).

I picked up a copy of Rachel's new book at Barnes & Noble last week. It is truly beautiful....just as I imagined it would be.

Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

Hi Andrea,
Yes, I already have my copy too. I love her slight departure from the pastel pink and sugary details...
Being a Brit, I love that Rachel holds on to her roots, choosing to display the collection of coronationware china...I was surprised to see the splashes of red, white and blue anmongst her palette this time.

Beautiful blog! I absolutely love the soft colors of your photos. I warmly invite you to visit me at my country garden blog anytime! Smiles, Gwyn

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