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September 13, 2009


Andrea, all of these things are such beautiful additions to your shop... I think they fit your style so well. It is so fun to see all of these unique and beautiful things you bring to all of us. ;)

and I LOVE those scissors.

xo Heather

p.s.- I got my shabby chic book too... eeek I love it.

Andrea how beautiful...how funny, I am just coming out of the dreaded flu funk and sat down to watch Twilight and trying to roll embroidery thread into lil balls...haven't done this since I was a lil girl with my Ita (grandma) and you know what? I wanted to throw the lopsided balls at Mr wonderfuls pretty new plasma lol Oh now I will have to get some of these thread winders and work my way up to those gorgeous scissors and just so you know, you did a post quiet a while back about the gorgeous treasures in your sewing box and that sent me on a quest to find my own pretty box to put in all my sewing treasures, I will have to post about them sometime...I am glad you found these beauties...my sewing treasures always make me smile when I touch them or even just look at them...they remind me of my Ita...funny thing is...I remember winding the lil thread balls as something fun...oh to be a child again. Rose

I don't sew not even one stitch but I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering these new goodies. The scissors are gorgeous and I can use them for cutting ribbon and then if they get left out they can just be considered decoration. So pretty. Just like everything in your store.

Oh My! I haven't cross stitched in several years but I LOVE these thread cards. If I start again I will have to have these! Beautiful items!

Oh Andrea, what a delightful new range! Rachaelxo

I love to sew. I have been handsewing for years, I only got my sewing machine on New Years Eve last year! Even though I can't imagine being without it now, I still love to sit and sew by hand. Which is why I love working on tapestries so much, and why I never rush them, always take time and plod through slowly. My current one has been going for a year now, I just like picking it up when the mood takes me. One took me over two years to complete, but that was also because we had a major family tragedy and I couldn't pick it up for a long time as it reminded me of that period in time.

So I am a fan of your new goodies. :o)

I went to Amazon yesterday to take a look and see when the latest Shabby book was coming out, imagine my shock to find it not only available but almost half price! I bellowed to my husband who told me to order it, so I should get it tomorrow or Wednesday. So excited! He's probably not so excited, as normally a new book will ping ideas of changes for the house. When I start a conversation with 'I've been thinking...' I see his face drop. He knows it's going to end up costing him money!

Wishing you a lovely week xx

Andrea what beautiful additions to your shop

These cards are really just great. Only one problem I can see, is which set to choose? And the scissors, are breathtaking.

Both the cards and the scissors are simply gorgeous.

Oh my gosh how much fun is that!!! Those scissors are gorgeous! And just in time I take my first sewing class at JoAnne's in two weeks. How did you know........:)

Those scissors are great! I wish I had a pair of paper scissors like that.

SO pretty, Andrea. Makes me want to start stitching, or at least set up a pretty sewing basket to look at :)

Oooh I wish I knew how to sew. LOL!!! I just dont think it's in the cards for me. hee! hee! Your thread, thread cards and pretty scissors are very inspiring tho. ;) Smiles,Jenn

I love these. I have been thinking of carrying this line for a while, but really, it doesn't "fit" in our offerings anywhere. I love that now YOU do, it fits your website perfectly. These thread cards are so beautiful...I know this line will just fly out of your shop!

ooh la la, the thread cards are lovely and so unique. what a nice addition to your shop.

i adore the name of your shop by the way. magical!


I love embroidery. Your pictures make me want to pick up my needle and thread right now!

Wow, Andrea! You sure do find the most wonderful, unique and original things. You're always on the ball, these are just gorgeous!

These are so lovely. I am going to go and checkout the new things in your shop. All of your things are so feminine!!

hi again,

i was sewing little sock people with my sons and neighbor the other day and though of this post and your writing:

Like so many women, I enjoy sewing and have always loved the feeling of needle and thread passing through fabric. There's something almost therapeutic about taking the time, slowing down {because sewing really can't be too rushed} and stitching.

love this! so true.


oh!! these are so pretty! i am SOOO behind on my blogging friends! {i have been all summer actually!} thank you so much for the baby congrats and blessings! so excited to meet our little mister so very soon now! hope yours aren't growing too terribly fast for their sweet momma! love the new goodies! i must remember them for when my mind is back to crafting! :)

Your pictures are so pretty, Andrea. My hubby gave me a wonderful sewing machine for Christmas last year and I haven't learned to use it yet. Mainly because it's difficult to find a place that teaches around here. I have to make a point to learn. Even if it's just so I can use those gorgeous scissors!! Best of luck with the new line. I'm sure it will be a HUGE hit!! : )

~ Wendy

I just looove those scissors as well as everything else.. You're always adding such fun and pretty things to your shop...

that is so lovely

I love those cards! They look great with or without thread. Tonight I am taking my first sewing lesson so I can learn to use my new Singer sewing machine! I think there are many women out there who are wanting to start sewing.....it's a nice trend.

Got my order!! The scissors are stunning and I had so much fun wrapping my new found love, embroidery floss around my thread cards. I already need more:)
By the way....
I was at Artistic Bliss this weekend and my tablemate won your bag in the raffle. She was so excited. It was the best one;) What a lovely thing to do. Plus she shared her candy!

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