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September 01, 2009


I can hardly stand these bags!

I do. I like them very much. They are very pretty, and I love the flower addition. I keep trying to take a photo to email over to you, to show how I used my pink flower. It's attached to my new baby pink beret. It looks fab. :O) I will continue to try to take a good photo, but the trouble is my face always photographs like a bag of spanners and it's impossible to get one that doesn't make me look
a) grumpy
b) stupid
c) ridiculous
d) sarcastic with an overly stretched smile
If I can't get anything semi decent, I'll just email you a photo of the beret. At least that looks nice, no matter what.

Have a lovely Tuesday. Happy September! :O)

Sadie x

Andrea, this is such great news! I have been waiting and waiting to have one of these beautiful totes! My husband even knows about them as I checked your website while on our vacation many times. hehe. Merci my friend.

I use the one you put our goodies in for EnLeJardin all the time. I'll vouch for the practicality of this one. Love mine.....

They're just beautiful! I love the vintage feel they have!!!

:) T

Oh so ruffled & pretty! I think I need to put one on my wish list:)

Beautiful totes! I love mine :)


didn't you make something like this as gifts for your leesburg shopping trip? don't mean to sound creepy - just swooning over these since way back. LOL

i'm off to visit your shop!



can't remember what i had for dinner last night but i can remember that! :)


OK, you need to somehow get your stuff mass produced!!! I just saw your new post this evening and look - I can't even get one, they are all sold out!!
Way to go, girl!

Beautiful Andrea! LOOOVE your totes!!!! :) XO,Jenn

The totes are beautiful!

They are gorgeous.

Gorgeous totes, Andrea. Pretty and practical. Obviously I'm not the only one swooning over them :)

so cute Andrea. Make some more. Quick!

I've been using mine as a purse also! Very practical and pretty too! Thanks, Sweets!

Wow, these are gorgeous! Love the velvet roses!

I was trying to decide, pink or brown and then I saw the "sold out" sign! Maybe you'll make some more??

I love them Andrea!! Just perfect :)

Well, you know I love mine that I received during the En Le Jardin weekend. No offense, but I have mine in my pretty guest bathroom filled with extra TP and it is an adorable way to store it.

Glad you are selling these pretty practical bags. They will fly!

Ciao bella,

I could CRY...just went to order one and they are sold out!!!! Will you be getting any more..please let me know..I so want a brown one but would take any colour!


Everything you do is so amazing and beautiful. I just love coming to your blog and being inspired.

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