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September 02, 2009


Soooo cute Andrea! Enjoy buying your boys their shoes... it won't be long before the fandangled styles are the ONLY ones that will be cool enough and your tastes won't matter any more.. hehehe.

xoxo Heather

Such a cute picture. Especially when you think about what it will look like in a few years when yours are the little ones. ;-)

So cute Andrea! I went and looked at the Converse website, and you so should have gotten the pink ones! You are right...I think they would be adorable with one of your casual, maybe even frilly skirts. After all, you can pull off most anything in the fashion department! Your talent is not limited to your wonderful handcrafted items.
xo pam

Love that photo!!
I love those old tennis shoes. I like to wear mine with jeans and a tee shirt.
I should get my old pointe shoes out.

My girls, the hubs and myself only where low top black chuck taylors... I waer them with sweats and my jeans... I always get loads of compliments when wearing them. I must say that they are not the most comfortable shoe though, quite narrow.


What an adorable photo Andrea! Wouldn't a nice tiny little pair of pointe shoes look lovely too? I'm just saying!!


Andrea that is just darling, you know a lot of kids don't know how to tie shoes because of all the velcro used on shoes. I was stunned when I met a young boy 4th grade no idea how to tie shoes! So I think your "New Old School" Shoes is a great idea.
Hugs, Diane

Awwww, this is so cute Andrea!! I know just how you feel, this looks exactly like my house, love this picture! I think it is suitable for framing :)

I have three boys and one girl and at about these sizes!!!! This photo gives me joy! Blessings.

Hee hee...that sure looks familiar :) Love it!

I love this Andrea! It looks like our house, only we're one less pair of kids shoes!

Fun photo! Both my boys have Chucks...my husband has worn them since he was a kid, and our little guy for a couple of years. He's about to out grow the red pair, so there is a white one waiting for him in the closet, just like Daddy's.

Cute Andrea.

Ciao bella,

Cute picture! Me, our 2-yr old daughter & myself wear Chucks. His are black, me + E have brown ones, I also have pale pink ones, & green ones. I wear them with skirts in the spring or denim pants in the fall.

Andrea your photo should be framed!
I have a pair of PINK Converse 1 star from Target. Love them. I even clipped a small pair of vintage rhinestone earrings onto the laces for some dress up bling!

SO so cute! :)

What a fun photo.

Love it. I have worn high top chucks with shorts and skirts and felt pretty cute, if I don't say so myself...go for it...but they have about zero arch suppport! Excited for my ruffled bag~

How cute is that photo! That's how it looks at our home too. Three boys and a girly girl.

p.s. I got your store message that my items have shipped and I'm a very happy girly girl.

gorgeous photo. In our house it's my husband who is outnumbered by the colour pink! :o)

have a lovely Thursday


Briliant composition!

: )

Julie M.

ps Have you seen my vintage hearth-side sneakers picture?


Love it, Andrea. I went school shoe shopping with my girls a week ago, and it was particularly awful with my littlest one, the five year old - the sales clerk showed her about 10 pairs of shoes before she agreed to one pair! And now she's refusing to wear them in kindergarten! Sheesh, sometimes boys are just so much easier.

What an absolutely wonderful photo! In our house, though, it would be 3 pairs of girls' shoes & 1 pair for a boy:) My oldest daughter, however, chooses Converse sneakers to wear with a dress!

I couldn't LIVE without my old school Chuckie T's!...Most comfortable shoes on the planet!...Go for it Andrea!...You'll never want to put your Tootsies in Girlie Shoes again!...GASP!!!....(PS...I even have a pair in Pink...to show off my Mature, Sophisticated side!...HA!!)...Hugs!...Lizzie

Okay...I so can relate to this photo...since I too only have boys...absolutely love that photo! But...I too wear Chuck Taylors...lov'em in gray. I actually wrote a post about a week ago were I designed an outfit around my Chuck Taylors. You gotta go getta some.

I adore this photo...love love love it!

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