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September 28, 2009


Love the update and all the photos. And congratulations on being on the cover of Somerset Life. Your bookmarks are beautiful! I will keep watching and hoping they are in your shop someday.

Liked the update. :) All that jewelry - yum!

So nice to see what you have been up to...I have missed you! Being a mom is so important and it looks like you get an A+ in that department! xoxoxo

A nice catch up post Andrea, can't believe how your Mario has grown, such a mature looking boy now! When I first came across you he was very young and there was no Sam!!! Rachaelxo

Pesto! That's what I can do with all my basil. Thanks for the idea!

Wow you have been busy... as annoying as it is not to have a computer.. you get oh so much more done! LOL

Great post!

Sometimes I have to keep the computer switched off so I can get things done without being distracted. :o) I'm always amazed at how much 'extra' time I seem to have when I don't let myself surf around reading blogs!

Being a Mummy is the super best job. Hard work, no time off, low pay (if any!) 24 hours a day, but worth every minute.

Talking of which, my little rascal is back upstairs after breakfast with Daddy, so time I was off. Am going to nag my husband, who is not a good cook and could do with learning! I want toasted sarnies like yours. Oh well, I'll just have to make one myself ;o)

have a great week xxx

So glad you're back, Andrea! You've certainly been busy - can't wait to see your finished jewellery. p.s. what a pain about your computer - did you know that Mac's are much more resistant to viruses? (unlike me, my Mac has never been sick :)

What a pretty inspiration board woith those cute boys on! And, Gasp!! The jewelry!! You always have the most beautiful things, Andrea! Yes, I'd say the boys are good to go in the plaid shirt department.... Oh, I love the circus theme. I have been gatherng circus themed things here and there for the girls' party, next year!

i can imagine what other 'footloose' songs you have roaming around on your ipod! maybe it was a little foreigner (waiting for a girl like you) and who can resist a little 80's quiet riot while you 'bang your head'. i KNEW you had that soundtrack! ha :)

Oh - my heart fluttered when I read "for Hope's wedding"! It is so close!

Love that photo of Mario.

Hi Andrea :) Your little guy is just a doll! I know what you mean about letting him go. My second to youngest started kindergarten this year :( He goes all day every day and I am having a hard time with it!!

Your jewels are so pretty! I cant wait to see what you are working on :)

I LOVE paninis!! I have one every day for lunch. Yours look so good. I love a good pesto!

So glad you are back :)

That panini just made me sooooooooo hungry!! Tell your hubby he can come and cook at our house anytime!!! : )

~ Wendy

Busy, busy, busy...see what happens when we "disconnect" from our computers:) Mmmmmm, mmmm those paninis look yummy{kudos George} and I love pesto; can't wait for that recipe! Glad you're back in blogland;)

Hi Andrea! Beautiful post...I just saw your gorgeous velvet bookmarks on the new cover of Somerset Life Autumn 09!!! They are gorgeous!

I have that issue too!...mullet moments with the ipod! I must have floated back to a "feeling/memory" when I hit the "buy" button...eek! I;m a sucker for the 80's. =)

Glad to see you are back Andrea!

Andrea, your Mario looks so proud and happy to go to school. Absolutely charming! Wish we could all have his attitude every day when we leave for work!

You have been so busy and productive! I should get off the computer and get busy. xo, suzy

Glad to see you are back. All those vintage jewel bits look lovely:) I am off to VA on Sunday I hear I am in for a treat in Tyson's Corner. Wish I wasn't going to be in school all day......

Looking at those sandwiches made me very hungry! And so much wonderful jewelry! How fun it must be to run your fingers through piles of it.

glad you are back!
I am going oujt to pick all my basil now, those sandwiches look too yummy! better freeze some pesto too. Thanks for the thought!

It sounds like you are truly enjoying life, your boys and your husband. Looking forward to seeing your new jewelry. I love creating pieces too and have enjoyed doing that more lately. Have a wonderful week.

Your pictures are beautiful!

oh your little guy is such a cutie! Lucky you that he has a late birthday and will get to spend another year of snuggle time with his mama!
That table full of bling is to die for!

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