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August 27, 2009


Andrea, these look like yummy candies!! I use the button kits and cover with fabric for pony tail holders for my girls. Buy some of the thinner elastics for hair and loop around the shank. Easy as pie!

I love them Andrea! They look good enough to eat! I can see them on so many things! Collages, whimsical bunny eyes :)faux candies, I could just fill a little apothecary jar with them and stare at them all day, lol!

They are SO pretty! :)

Very Yummy, and looks like the old nickel wafer candies!
Hugs, Diane

They do look scrumptious. I am coveting them, now I have to run to the fabric store after I order some luscious ribbon!

How GORGEOUS...love the colors, they look good enough to eat! Thanks for the fabulous ideas and I love the thumb tacks!

so pretty. Even though I have a bit of a button phobia (don't ask!) I think these are beautiful.

Gorgeous colours.


Sadie x

Oh my. You should have those available in your store to purchase for the less crafty girls like me. I want to add those to my cart right now.

thanks for the project...i have been contimplating what to use for my inspirational board......now I know! I am going to try these! THanks..

I love how you can make almost anything into a magnet or tack! We have some really interesting ones around our house. :-)

What a great idea, such pretty soft sherbet colours! Rachaelxo

they remind me of easter m & m's, soooooo yummie

Cute as a button! {sorry...just couldn't resist:}

Now those are just about the loveliest things I have seen all day...so velvetie and sweet...adore the colours...I love the idea to put them on a sweater...or a sweet little tote...Happy day to you!

So pretty. I love to cover buttons, but would have never thought of using velvet ribbon. Caroline just made (& posted) some cute purses - some of which would look great with velvety buttons. Loved your kitchen tables pics too, btw.


I love them! they look just like mentos!
xo natalea

those are so pretty! love the colors.

Want to sell some of the magnets?? I'd buy quite a few of those! I need some cute strong magnets that will hold all the stuff my kids want to put on the fridge!

I want to eat them! They look delicious.

So so pretty!

I would love to buy the thumbtacs! Are you going to sell these, I hope???

what a brilliant idea, they would also look great in all the different colours on a plain white french linen upholstered chair with a button back.

I want to do some straight away.
I think that is my inspiration for the day.
best wishes Ginny (in the UK)

I LOVE your velvet buttons, Andrea. Such gorgeous colours and so many wonderful ideas.

I have covered about 600 buttons this year and never thought to use velvet! Yummy! I make barrettes and hair pins with mine . I also sew them on my toddler girl's clothing. I use them anytime that I would use a regular button.

Seriously great idea! They go on your board so fantastically!

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