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August 09, 2009


Welcome to the club! It must this Summer.

Looks like fun will be had creating Lori's journal

Oh, I like what I see all laid out there - I think it's going to be beautiful, Andrea.

oh yes, I know how it is! I've just been cleaning the house like a woman possessed during Humbugs naptime so I can make sure I can have a bit of crafty time with her this afternoon. Just didn't have time to do it over the weekend!

Love your craftiness, and the paper doll 'bits' are so pretty. I love seeing other people's 'crafts in process' piccies. I'm nosey like that!

Glad your mum had a great bd. :o) Have a super start to the week. xx

Oh, it will certainly be worth waiting for. Your swap partners will be fine and won't mind at all!

I have no doubt that your contribution to the journal will be stunning...and aren't those plastic thingamajigs fun...my little one and I love playing with those.

Awww! I think playing with Mario is the most important thing you could have done :) I love them both!

Andrea, whatever you do for the paper doll journal will be gorgeous!! I am excited to see it finished :)

I am so glad your sweet mom had a great birthday!


How lovely...sometimes it is just fun to create no matter what it is...."random creating" I call it...yours looks lovely...hope you get to your "planned creating" soon...the paper doll journal looks like it is going to be amazing! Happy creative week to you.

I'll take making "thingamajigs" with my kids over cleaning the house anyday:)

just blame the lazy days of summer. nothing to do yet lots to do. have i mentioned that i have decided to "embrace the mess"? floors and good hair can wait until fall!

love the little craft. michaels, perhaps? and your journal is going to be wonderful.


looks pretty darn creative to me! Creativity comes in many forms....I am sure MArio loves it!
xoxo, Tiffany

I bet it will be just perfect, as perfect as the rainbow pancake, when you are finished :)

Looks stunning to me. How extremely talented person you are. Keep it up!

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