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August 11, 2009


It looks and sounds like a beautiful and cozy retreat for your guests! Well done! Have a blessed time.

: )

Julie M.

You girls are going to have such fun creating and playing

Have a wonderful sleepover, Andrea!

have a good visit with Hope. Those are the times when I like to clean my house. As for your projects you made yesterday --perler beads--check out there website. There is a world of creative things you can do with them.

Andrea, your post really shows how effective blogging can be.....some lovely pictures and well-chosen words really set a tone and make the reader want to be a guest at your house....is there room for all of us readers?

Utterly gorgeous! I bet your company are totally spoilt too. :o) I am always mixed when we have company (too much thinking about the 'extra work' involved) I enjoy the plotting and planning and getting things ready. But once they're here I can't wait to get my house back to normal again! Does that make me a really horrible person?! ha ha ha. Probably!

Enjoy your week. The flowers are divine.xx

Hope told me she was visiting! I told her she's a lucky duck, and to give you a hug from me too! Don't you love company...an excuse to put flowers by the bed! What a beauty of a post today! xo

i want to come & visit :( give me a call when you aren't too busy, i have some news!

Is there room for one more :o)

I hope you have a wonderful time, make sure you get a pic with your mom to go with the one from yrs ago!

Oh have fun my dear!!! Everything looks so pretty....stop by my blog when you can...I talked about you today on my post. You are my inspiration!!!

Hope you have a wonderful time with your house guests! Everything looks so warm & welcoming:)

Wow nice! Can I come stay? I promise not to eat ALL the taffy...

Wow. Sounds so peaceful and nice. I'm sure you are a wonderful host!

Hope you're having fun girls!!! Hope is such a wonderful houseguest and getting ready for her is such a treat. Thinking of you:)

Andrea, I just love this post! I would so love to be a guest in your home! What a wonderful hostess you are. I know you and Hope will have a wonderful time together! That quilt is beautiful and I NEED some of those candies!

Have a wonderful time with your guests :)

What a special person you are - such attention to detail. I would love to come and visit at your house. Your guest will certainly feel welcome.
Having guests gives us a chance to spruce things up a little - I do love this.

Oh it's great to have "girls night!"
Stay up late and laugh until it hurts...ENJOY!

What a gorgeous guest room you must have. Can I come for a visit (hehehe). I love the roses and quilt...and of course the Taffy. Glad I found your blog it is so pretty.
♥ Becca @ Belle Blog


Have a great time!!
I would love to be a guest in your lovely home.
You are the hostess with the mostess!!

What a wonderful hostess you are:) LUCKY Hope!! The flowers are gorgeous. And the candy well what can I say;)

Happy Anniversary tomorrow, friend!!! Have fun with your momma & tell her I said hi!

I just realized that today is the 14th, not the 16th. Happy early Anniversary! I'll blame it on pregnancy brains :) have a great weekend! Lis

I got my delivery from 100 wishes today! Thank you SO much! I love everything! Perfect :O) I emailed over a photo of how I used one of the flowers, it was so completely perfect for it. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend


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