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August 04, 2009


Hello Sweetie:))) I am so honored to be in this beautiful new book with you:)))

Looking forward to Silver Bella, should we do another late night chat:)))

Blessings and Huge Hugs:))

I love your blog name-Everyday Beauty. It is a good reminder to notice the small things and find beauty in EVERYday!

Congratulations, Heather! I visit your beautiful blog on a regular basis--sigh--everything about it is so lovely--it brings joy to me each time I stop by. Have a blissfully beautiful day! :)

How exciting that you are in tara's book. This party that Kari is hosting is such fun

Congratulations on being in the book!

Hi Andrea :)

I read the entire book the first day I got it :) I loved your page, your blog is one of my very favorites! You are so gorgeous and so are your boys! I have all boys too and I was telling Heather (Pretty Petals) there are so many of us girly girls that have all sons, we should start a club, lol!

I am so excited for Tara, she did a beautiful job. I am honored just to be mentioned in the book!!


Congrats on being in the book! I just wonder (you triggered me by your keeping a journal and capture moments); do you ever print your blog? I'm a historian and I think it will be such a loss if all these lovely blogs are not saved for the future, something that we don't know right now. Ok it's off topic, but you just triggered me. Have a nice day!

Heyya chickadee!!
I read your blog all the time and I have to say I look foward to seeing the next post theres so much bliss in your blog I cant keep away! hehe Come by and visit this mermaid!

Big Mermaid Hugs


ps come to my party!

And congratulations to you, Andrea! My copy of the book arrived a week or so ago...love it! So happy your blog was included:) You rock!

I read your blog and love it. Congrats on being in the book and sharing with us your reasons for blogging.

Couldn't agree more!
Thanks for playing along. So thrilled to be in the book along side you....literally:)

I think blogging is a fabulous thing! Congrats to you!

Congratulations on being in the book! I really enjoyed having a look at your blog and your boys are so cute!

off to check it out...sounds amazing and congratulations!!!! Your blog is really one of the best!

I had no idea this was a brand new book. I couldnt find Artful Blogging at Barnes and Noble but wanted to get some inspiration from bloggers and ended up with this amazing book in my hand. You should see it, its highlighted and bookmarked. It has been in my hand and purse for two weeks straight!!

I got the book the day after ordering it on Amazon.com! Took it on a weekend trip & loved it! Now am going back through to see how I can improve my own blog. And also check out some of your favorites!

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