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August 25, 2009


Well you are quite the Bizzy Bee... Such sweet gifts you received. I hope to get my hands on one of your bags... you always sell out of things so quickly... this is a good thing though 4 you. enjoy your day!


Wowza! What a feast for the eyes!! You amaze me Andrea, you can even make supplies and crafting look gorgeous. I love your new totes...can't wait until you list them.


Your current Tablescape is very similiar to mine, in fact I am going to do a post on it today!!! You have inspired me! Rachaelxo

You have absolutely inspired me to make my own journal out of delicious little morsels :] I must begin!

Wow - you made our mess look so wonderful! Hmmm, love that lisa stickley bag you got. Isn't her stuff wonderful.

Oh and I have to add that you loved the trinket box that Cassondra (http://www.flickr.com/photos/citrusfaire/) made as a gift for me - and that is what inspired what I made you!

And how silly is that Mario even DRAWING balloons! That made me chucle!

I had such a great time making a mess of your kitchen table (and studio floor) and cannot wait to do it again!

Looks like you had alot of fun. Cannot wait for your totes to be listed. Must have one.

I adore your table....during company and after...wish mine looked like that! I really want one of your lovely totes...I will keep watching for them in your shop...good excuse to finally order a few other things I have my eye on! Thank you for sharing..you inspire the pants off of me....oh yah and that little black lisa stickley bag is amazing...Happy week to you!

Looks like you made a fun mess!!
ooohhhh Now I feel worse tho.....it took two to do that? That's what my space looks like ..and a bagillion ideas...all started at once. I think I need a Calgon moment.

I just love it all! I just made a tote similar to yours! Mine is from an old 1980's curtain I think!
Love the table mess and that little trinket box from Hope is fabulous!

I love it all. Especially your ruffled one hundred wishes tote. I must get one of those. I will be watching everyday. Waiting and wishing. It will be a happy day!

Ok, laundry soap.... I need some, going to check that out very soon!
Hope got the tin for you while we were flea marketing! It looks beautiful filled with all the pretties!!
I feel like a lucky duck to have one of those beautiful totes before they are even for sale!
Basket purse....amazing
And the "mess" is just beautiful, including Mr. Mario's balloon art!

looks like good times for sure. lucky girl.

Even your messes are artistic. Looks like lots of fun. Mimi

even your mess is gorgeous to look at! Mine just looks like a mess. Glad to know I'm not the only one who uses the kitchen table as her sewing table. :O)

Love the jim jams. My little girl is obsessed with her Hello Kitty jim jams, but still loves her Roary the Racing Car ones too. I'm bringing her up to be balanced, and to wear what she likes (the Roary jarms are from the boys department)

have a fab week

Beautiful mess:) The kitchen is the "heart of the home" in my opinion!

That is a great post - lots of fun going on there. ...and I love messy tables ~ they completely inspire me!

Seriously, love the journals! All of it. Thanks for sharing.

I think it is a beautiful "mess" (if you can call it that)!! I love it :) Mario's balloons are the sweetest!! I think you have a budding artist there Andrea! I am in love with those tote bags too!!

I love your journals, your totes, your purse and my kids love the jammies! Glad to see and hear that you had such wonderful time with your company!

I love the embellished tin, and what great little goodies she tucked in there for you! Great friends who know your taste and style are hard to come by!

Several times a day I am checking to see if your beautiful totes are in the shop. It's like Christmas for me.

Great photos. Hope your table now has some other fabulous creations bits and pieces on it

Lovely creations on your table! Love the new bags you made as well as those velvet buttons on your most recent post.

Kindrely, Lynne Laura

I love what you did with Heather's velvet ribbon. The buttons are just adorable. And might I say, my table sort of looks like yours. But there is no fun going on if it is clean... :)

Have a great weekend,

Every time i look at your blog i think....I have GOT to do that!
Your is my dream life, everdays full of beauty and love!

I am besotted,
Thanks so much for sharing x


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