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July 21, 2009


Sweet and summery yet perfect any day of the year!

Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely adorable. The photo of your grandmother is a wonderful addition. I'm off to check out that Etsy shop.

gosh! it's so pretty! i want to make one too. thanks for sharing. *run to website to take a look*

It's so "berry" beautiful:)

I love the metallic masking tape! who knew!?

The strawberry is wonderful. Beautiful photo of your grandmother, I can see the family resemblance! Can't wait to see what you have done with the wrapped candy shape!

It is absolutely gorgeous

Such a beautiful job transforming the strawberry...i love it!!

It's stunning Andrea...absolutely divine!


It's spectacular! I'm gonna have to have some of that metallic tape. Going to check out Deb's shop, too. Love the oversize designs. Hope you're having a good summer.

That is so pretty. I love how you've decorated it, especially with the ribbon and flowers. And the photo of your Grandmother is just gorgeous. My mum has a lovely photo of herself as a bridesmaid when she was 4 or 5 (complete with grumpy face!), it has the colour tint over the sepia too. I love it, but she moans that they coloured her dress incorrectly - they made it blue when it was pale pink. I'll have to see if I can swipe it from her and use it in a creative way :O)
To this day she can remember details of the dress, I've asked what happened to it, but she doesn't know. How sad :O(

You look like your Grandma.

this is absolutely darling andrea! can't wait to see what yo do with the other shape...
xoxo, Tiffany

Love it! I really like the green velvet on top and that you turned the dresden over...your Grandmother is beautiful too! - Nina

What a sweet creation, Andrea! Just love it!

That's darling, Andrea!
I'll have to go check out her shop.

just gorgeous! your artwork is always so inspiring. thank you for sharing

Fabulous job! I love Deb and her shapes.

This is perfect, Andrea. Your grandmother is a beauty!

Great job! I love it!!

Oh Andrea! I absolutely LOVE that!! How do you come up with such beautiful things? The details are amazing! You are so talented! I cant wait to see what you do with the candy!


Too cute!

Just lovely!

Beautiful... just beautiful.

That's gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with the wrapped candy!

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