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July 17, 2009


Andrea Singarella, you are a woman after my own heart!

Firstly, I must say hello. My name is Sadie, I'm from England and have been silently visiting your site for a while. I've not had the nerve to leave a pawprint until now. I just had to say how much I love taking peeks around your home, seeing your family and marvelling at what I consider to be your amazing talent in homemaking and all things crafty. I wish you shipped to the UK, but I completely understand the time it takes to post things and all the paraphernalia involved with customs forms etc. Instead I relish each of your posts and just love seeing your latest vingnettes.

I love that there is someone else in the world who buys stuff just to display in jars! I tend to buy pretty sweeties at Christmas to show in jars, but I love the idea of doing it all year round. I have no idea what Whoppers are (will be googling after this) but I agree with you that they are the most scrumptious colour, and need to be shown off in jars. We definitely share the same colour palette. How I wish we had Michaels here.

I love my visits to you. YOu are amongst my 'Happy Places to Visit', even if you haven't made a new post, just stopping by makes my day. Thank you for sharing so much of your life. You are an inspiration.

Time to go and see what my little girl is up to (3 years old, you just know she's up to no good as it's all quiet!!!)
Have a very lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Sweet! I saw them a couple of weeks ago at a convenience store...but left them on the shelf. You have MUCH more self-control then I have. With me, they wouldn't last in that pretty jar for long! Have you tried even one? Aren't they strawberry flavored...hmm...strawberry malt! Shoot....I'm probably going to that gas station again today!!!

: )

Julie M.

Oh my...I am so thankful for you...yes these candies make me joyful as well...too joyful...what is wrong with us gals? I have an empty jar almost like yours that needs filling...pretty white saltwater taffy almost gone so needs filling and I tell you that color is perfect with my home decor...any ideas on a pretty robin egg blue candy? Love your post today...xoxox

Hi Andrea,

They are the perfect shade of pink indeed! I must admit that Whoppers are a weakness of mine, not sure how long they would last on display though!

I love Sadie's comment, I can relate and remember feeling the same way when I first discovered your blog.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!!


LOL I have a lovely jar filled with pink licorice!! Just for the color too. I don't like that licorice AT ALL!! But adore the color, so I fully understand you. I also love thos long things in the other jar, the sweet pink, yellow and pale blue??
I don't know either what whoppers are, will google too, lol.

Hugs from marian

LOL I just checked and they are malted milk balls! I know those but we have a different name for them. And the pink ones do taste like strawberries, according to the website. I WANT A mICHAELS here too, lol, adore the jars ♥♥

I have such good memories of Whoppers. My mother would buy a scoop of them at the Sears and Roebuck candy counter in days gone by. All four of us girls would get one and let it melt in our mouths, and I'm sure she saved the few left for her late night sewing hours.

They are beautiful in the jar, and now I may just have to be a copy cat and get me some.

I totally understand your thinking! In fact, I buy pretty candies that I don't like in order to decorate because I won't eat them. Do I buy chocolate to decorate with? NO! BTW, I think it IS the little things in life that make it special!

wow. i LOVE whoppers...the chocolate ones...malted milk balls...oh my...
now i'm going to HAVE to go to walmarts!

Now I don't feel quite as odd as I thought I was. I only buy M&M's at Easter time, just because I love the yummy pastel colors. Your candy display is simply gorgeous. I'm going to have to hunt some of those pink whoppers down for myself.

Candy should be displayed! There is nothing happier than a jar of goodies...and that whopper color is awesome.

That looks so pretty

they are a great pink and look yummy!

Loving your pastel display....very pretty!

I love those things too, and buy them, but for some reason, around here they don't stay in the jar. I must have a leak? Or sons.

They are the PERFECT pink. I painted the walls in the baby's room that color, but just a shade lighter.

I will have to search high and low for those pink whoppers!!! Thanks for the great idea.

Oh my heavens! Those whoopers ARE the perfect shade of pink and SO YOU!!! They look so sweet and lovely displayed in your kitchen. It really IS the small things in life that can make us happy. :) *~XO~*Jenn

gosh, i think it is almost always the little things in life be it whoppers in just-right pink or a handful of buttercups.



Going to Michaels and the store TODAY! Thanks for the tip! - Nina

perfect shade of 100wishes pink!
are you coming to the country living fair this fall?

Isn't it funny how pretty they look. I have that same jar from Michaels..but mine has vintage stamps in it. I wish I could walk through your whole house. I know it must have detail throughout. I have to tell you that I do not think I could have jars of candy around without eating it;-)

Deliciously beautiful! They scream "happy"...!

I love whoppers, and can't wait to buy the pink ones. They are truly eye candy. I hope you have a lovely day. Valarie

Hi Andrea! Frovolous nonsense is the best :) I love the pink whoppers and they look so pretty with the little strawberries on the jar :) I too have jars of candy in my kitchen that I dont wat :) But they looks so pretty there!


They are beautiful. It is the simplest things that truly bring us happiness.
Not just candy, you know what I mean.
thanks for the beautiful pictures and also for making me feel connected and not all alone in my obsessions with silly little things.
Cari b.

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