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July 07, 2009


Beautiful locations, beautiful family, beautiful you.

Andrea, that looks like a beautiful place to vacation...your pictures are lovely...and you have the prettiest family:)

Hi Andrea,

Gorgeous photos, glad you had a great time and the waterfall is fantastic! Your boys are getting so big! I miss the great Italian cookies I used to buy in New York! Thanks for sharing, nice to have you back!!

looks like a picture perfect trip. I am so glad you had a great time!
xoxo, Tiffany

Lovely lovely pictures of a wonderful trip...i am so like you with candy stores...everywhere i go i am always drawn to them! Again i think it is because of the loveliness of the packaging and the beauty of the pretty colors...thanks so much for sharing...i keep on looking at your amazingly beautiful taffy in your store...one day i will treat myself to some more loveliness!

You look like an Italian movie star if you don't mind me saying so.. so nice to see your pictures. I do miss it up North especially the Italian cookies.....Love & hugs your way... enjoy the rest of the summer. xoxo laura

Your photos are beautiful.....what a pretty place to visit!

Welcome home Andrea
Glad you had a great trip
Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures
You have a beautiful family!


Thanks so much for sharing these, New England is my favorite place in the world! Any chance I can convince you to go back in Autumn and take photos of the trees and villages??? :)

Looks like you had a great time! Sam has gotten so big!

What a beautiful place. Love the wood bridge and the waterfalls...gorgeous.

What a gorgeous place and beautiful photographs. I love the one of you and Mario. Precious.

Fabulous pictures of a beautiful family. I CAN NOT believe how big your boys are getting...when I saw the picture of Sam, I was sure that had to be Mario!! My how they grow so quickly...I love the one of Sam asleep and the one with you and sweet Mario on the bench...a wonderful place to make memories...Thanks for sharing!


Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time! We just started our vacation and I've already taken tons of photos:)

I love the covered bridge and your hike looks breathtaking!!! I love the east coast. We lived in DC for awhile before moving to Colorado. We are headed to The Cape next month and I can't wait. I love that you stopped at so many candy shops looking for something new and those cookies look amazing!!!

Beautiful little family. So glad you had a great time despite the rain.

Andrea, what a great time you guys had! I love seeing pics of the boys and how much they are growing...seems like Sam was just a baby the other day.

xo Heather

You were in my neck of the woods! The Flume is gorgeous. I can not believe how big your little Sam has gotten!! He's adorable. We were away last week too. Had a nice time but happy to be home. I'll e-mail you shortly about the DT project. xo

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