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July 31, 2009


I will definitely HAVE to try this!!!!

I showed my mom...she said, "Look at that...it's like a buffet! I wish I'd thought of that when you were little!"

: )


That is very sweet. What a cute idea.
Thanks for sharing.
Cari b.

Oh, what a GREAT idea!! I'm going over to flickr to join up! My kids only eat little things like that anyways - I'm going to do it today!! Thanks for sharing,
*smiles* ~Jen

So precious:)

How clever. My sweeties will love that! :)

What a fun idea. one I will definitely try

What a neat idea! May have to try that myself:-) Thanks for sharing! It is fun to see pics of you boys too!

What a great idea!!!
Who knew?
Have a nice weekend!

Great idea! Reminds me of how Cher fed her kids in Mermaids...

What a great idea!

Very smart!! and it looks good too--I wouldn't mind digging in to that!

That is such a great idea! I would never have thought of that. I would eat that too;-) I need to go buy new muffin tins though...mine are too nasty!!!

Completely adorable!

Come by and enter my vintage trim GIVEAWAY.

My goodness - they both SPROUTED! It was not that long ago I saw them was it!?!

I am home - back from Kari's so let's plan my next visit!

With my little one, its a tea party set that she'll eat anything off of. But I have a feeling she'd love this too, I'll be giving it a try!

I just found your blog and I love it....this muffin tin meal is so cool! I'm hosting a baby shwoer soon, I might just use this idea to serve up some fruit...thanks for sharing this ; D

That is quite the genius idea, Andrea

Cute idea...I'll have to try it:)

I love it! No kids, but it sure is a clever idea.

so sweet! I have a little tray thing that has lots of compartments, that I use for snacky type things like that. For some reason (and I can't remember why) it's always called 'breakfast picnic'. If she doesn't have much in the way of lunch or tea, I don't worry, I know a breakfast picnic will solve the problem and fill any gaps. I was going to say I wonder why children like eating food this way, but then I thought, actually, that's what I like too. I call it 'minchy munchies' and love a buffet style selection to munch on :o)

have a lovely weekend!

That is really cute. Wish my little ones were still "little".

This is too neat! One of those, why didn't I think of these when my son was small ideas!

Hi Andrea,

I just wanted to let you know that an artist interview with Lori Oles which mentions you was posted today on www.artfulpaperdoll.blogspot.com

I hope you will pop in for a peek at what this lovely lady had to say about you.

Cheers! =D
Kitty Kellie
The Artful Paper Doll

That is an amazing idea!!!

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