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July 23, 2009


I am completely swooning over here. All of these wonderful new things in perfect colours...ahhhh. I'm particularly crazy about those roses, but dying for that gorgeous masking tape, Andrea!

It all looks so lovely Andrea. You did good!

Andrea, what beautiful things!!! i remember you talking about that tape when we were at Tuskies...you were right, it is amazing...i love the colors...all of the flowers are so gorgeous too!!!

I love all the new stuff Andrea! The tape is another brillant idea:)

Everything is so lovely...and TEMPTING! Oh, I will be back to shop!

I just could not resist making a purchase a few nights ago! I did control myself. Although, I wanted it all!

That's what I get for shopping at 100Wishes before you update the shop! Oh well...guess who's going to do a little more shopping now? ;) Love all the new goodies!

I just found your blog yesterday and it’s wonderful! There are a lot of vintage blogs out there but so many of them are written by people that I just can’t identify with. They’ll be going along fine and then all the sudden there’s profanity or a pic of their new tattoo or piercing and while that’s fine if you like that, it’s just not me at all.

You have a beautiful home and family and seem like a nice, down to earth person who loves old stuff as much as I do. I’ve used a lot of those same creamy and pastel colors in decorating my bedroom with a 1930s style and some of the new stuff you’ve added to your shop has given me some wonderful decorating ideas. I will definitely be ordering soon. Seeing all your neat stuff has also rekindled my love of arts and crafts projects. I’m gonna have to bust out my hot glue gun and get to work.

Thanks for sharing this with us and I wish you much continued success :) .


Hi! I just checked all this stuff out last night and I'm drooling! Love, Love, Love all that tape. Gonna hafta get some soon! Also need to contact you about purchasing a gift certificate:-)

I just LOVE the file folders! So pretty!

I received your newsletter in e-mail today. What delicious items you have for sale. I just wanted to pop by and say I think that your store is just gorgeous. I love how you tied the ribbon around that object, instead of just displaying the roll of ribbon. 100 wishes, what a perfect name for such a beautiful shop.

P.S. Normally when I look at ribbon, I immediately look at the price per yard. Your display was so gorgeous, I thought who cares how much it is, I want it. I will be back to shop, I am painting today to fill some orders. I always use ribbon to wrap my artwork that I sell on etsy.

Have a nice day.


Gosh Andrea, it takes my breath away. You manage to source the most beautiful and elegant goodies, in the most fabulous sugared almond colours. No, that's not right, your colours are more subdued and delicate than sugared almonds. :o) I don't have one hundred wishes, I have One Hundred Wants - NOW!!

Did you get my email, I replied and sent a different email address too. (it's ok, not hassling, I know you've been busy! Just wanted to check that you got it). It's a genuine offer, so just say the word and I can sort it out.

I must go. I'm so glad I stopped by today, such gorgeous pretties have made my day!


I am having a upcoming soiree with an Alice in Wonderland theme and I believe some of these candies would make a terrific centerpiece for the tea party table! Is the blue marshmallow wand close to the color in the photos?

I adore the posies! I will definitely be ordering some of those for my sitting room. SO cute!

Everything is just scrumptious, Andrea! That tape is calling my name... xo-Mel

I will be ordering some of those decadently delectable violet marshmallows!

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! I only had time for skimming...I have to get out to my shop to wrap a baby shower gift! I'm looking forward to having time to pause and look at all of your pretty new things!

What fun!


everything is gorgeous andrea! I can ell you have been working hard! You amaze me... have a great summer my friend!
xoxo, Tiffany

Scrumptious! I love the pink velvet ribbon! I might just have to visit!!

What wonderful things! Ah the joy of opening packages of fun things ordered -- that's what the masking tape pic reminded me of! I love Dupioni silk. So cool it has been made into ribbon. Thanks so much for sharing all these treats!

wow what a update! love the sea color ribbons! going to go check them out now! toodles-

The color scheme pulls through everything and is so soft and inviting. You have been very busy for sure and we all appreciate it :) That tape is the best...I love those colors. I will be back shopping soon.
Take care

I'm glad I read your blog AFTER I placed an order. Otherwise, I would've gone crazy ordering. As it is, I may have to place a second order. :)

Love all the eye candy! :)

oh I want all 53!! love the new tags and cake cards - so sweet!

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