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July 28, 2009


love you 1950's film star look :O) Very glam.

What a glorious weekend. If you ever visit the UK let me know, my husbands family have a beach hut (I refer to it as The Ancestral Beach Hut!) I find it dull as dull can be, but tiny tots - and grown men - love it there!

beautiful photos.


ahhh, they are so cute asleep!
You look gorgeous in your hat andrea!
xoxo, Tiffany

Aaaah...beach bliss! It's such a wonderful place to be...looks like "la familgia" had a fabulous time:)

ahh to be young and have that much energy again..they look so cute..

Andrea, first of all your children are just gorgeous and you just reminded me of a promise I made to my girls about spending more time at the beach this summer, we live witin 30 min or less from a few beaches but life is so hectic we rarely go, I was practically raised on the beach from sun up to sun down :) I know mean mommie, I hear it all the time lol So in your honor I will pack a lunch and spend a day there this week with my girls, my oldest starts college next month and the youngest the 8th grade, where did the time go?? I just need to borrow your hat :) You really do look glam on the beach, I am usually in long sleeves and pants lol I tend to fear the sun, you know those days of olive or baby oil while worshiping the sun, have instilled a deep fear of looking like a raisin at 41 lol. You would think being 1/2 Mexican and Italian I wouldn't mind the sun :) btw that last picture of your boys asleep, just priceless! :) Rose

First of all...that beach blanket is WAY cuter than mine:-) Sounds like a wonderful day. I would even take a five hour drive to get to the beach...lucky duck!

Darling post Andrea! You do look glamourous with your Jackie-O sunglasses and hat. ;) Oh no! There is no beach relaxing for Mamma when the kiddies are around. It just doesn't happen. LOL! Looks like the boys had a fantastic day at the beach and the last photo is classic!! Xo,Jenn

How adorable!

So so lovely...your sweet little ones are adorable...I LOVE THE BEACH...sand and everything....in fact we are off tomorrow for a day of sun and sand...hope our trip is as fun as yours!

Love you in your hat. We also went to the beach. A 20 minute drive took 2 hours. We also encountered alot of traffic. Once we got there the kids had a blast. Unfortunatley, the waves were high and hard. I did not let my kids go in too far. The lifeguard didn't really let anyone go too far. It was just not safe. The one bad thing I did was I applied sunblock in all places except for my back. I forgot to ask my hubby to put some on me. It hurts to wear a bra. Thinking of going w/out. But I am not twenty anymore. They have a mind of their own. I say "UP" they say "DOWN".

Love all your new additions to your shop. Received my order. You always pack everything so pretty. Makes me feel special. Will be coming back for more.

Your little boys are sooo cute:)

What beautiful little babies, Andrea! Ahhh! Too darn cute!
It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! What a beautiful blanket too!

Ahh they are so cute when asleep. Looks like you all had a wonderful day at the beach.

I have to take the time to spend a day at the beach with my loved family. No excuse, we can walk!

I have a similar picture of two of my sons taken 15 years ago and cherish it! Yours is precious, sleepy heads! Lori

sweet Andrea, very sweet!

Andrea, Looks like you and your family had lots of fun at the beach..Love the pretty quilt...The boys looks adorable sleeping in the car..
I've missed so many pretty posts... You've added so many beautiful things to your shop..I keep looking to see what I want to order. I can't make up my mind so much eye candy to choose from... Hope all is well...

Awwwww I LOVE it!!! And my goshhh look how big Sam has gotten!!! Those boys are adorable!!!

Happy Summer Singarella fam!!!
xoxo Jenny

i am swooning over the blanket (!) and awwwwing over little boys asleep in the backseat. my boys are now 6 and 8 but a long day in the sun can still have them asleep on the ride home from the beach. so sweet!

and you are looking fab at the beach!


So love the blanket! And children passed out in the back seat after a fun day at the beach is there anything better?:)

Can you believe I live 3 blocks from the beach and I seldom ever go there? Silly huh? I am glad to know you had a great time with your family, and I specially love your summer hat!
Your little ones look so adorable sleeping after a long day at the beach!

What a wonderful day! I really love the sleeping angels in the back after a fun day at the beach!

How fun! I must say that when I saw the first photo of that beau-ti-ful blanket on the sand, I thought it was photoshopped in. It's so pretty!
Sharon :-)

I love this post, you have cute boys. It rminds me of the day my three boys where young and our time at the beach.

Please tell us where you got the darling quilt, or did you make it yourself? The children are so sweet! Thanks

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