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June 23, 2009


You are so very welcome Andrea. You are obviously much loved and it was evident by all the heart felt comments.

What a lovely nest and eggs, it must be fun seeing your new feathered friends grow.

Have a wonderful time on your family vacation!


That is the beauty of Blog friends ~ we're here when you need us, and when we need them, they are waiting in the wings with open arms. I cried too, Andrea. I think everyone did, who read your post about Phoebe. Everything has a season, a time, a place, a beginning and an end. And each thing will leave footprints on our hearts and memories to cherish forever.

I hope you and the familia have a most wonderful vacation! We wanted to do Disneyland this year, but, alas, we're planning for the next summer. So it's up to the Coast we go! Hugs, Take care :)

Loss is loss...and it hurts. But, kind gestures & loving thoughts are always a good thing. Phoebe is at peace now. Wishing you the same:) xo

It's so true, unless you've personally experienced a loss like that you just cannot relate. People need to be very aware of comments like, "I know how you feel", especially if they haven't experienced it firsthand....let yourself grieve and after a while you'll have very fond memories of your beloved Phoebe, missing her still but knowing she's not in pain is a good thing.

Just let your self grieve first and for sure you'll move forward after.. :-)

What beautiful eggs. It's so true that our furry friends find a spot and curl right up in our hearts.

Aw dear Andrea I so totally feel with you about the death of your beloved Phoebe, because I actually can really relate to it! This is so so sad! May she rest in peace!

Our beloved feline Sammy died from a fibrosarcoma (these are inoperable, they always grow back)in December 2008. Just a few days before Christmas we had to let her go and my daughter and I sheded lots of tears and we still miss her terribly, she was with us for over 12 years after we got her from the animal shelter, when she was 4 years old. My daughters grew up with her and she was her best friend and she loved her so much.

Well the best therapy against the deep sadness for us was to get another cat. Since 6 month we have a cute little mieschief maker, a tomcat, which we called LV. He's totally different from Sammy and so fun, although we still miss our Sammy.

Wishing you all the best!

xoxo Carola

Hello Andrea...I'm so sorry for your loss...I lost my Girly Girly about 4 years ago......miss her soooo much. she was a chihuahua jack russel mix...smart that dog. anyways I understand your pain. I put up a picture of your on my blog..I wanted to ask if that was OK..I've been trying to link it up along with Penny's to your site but my blog, maybe computer keeps hourglass timer blinking and freezes when I go to edit. are you having any problems like that or is it my computer. It's been only doing it when I'm in typepad....anyways..I'll keep trying. if it is not ok..i'll take it down.


gabrielle..love your purses by the way and my favorite is the aqua strawberries of course!

What a gorgeous collection of baskets! I could just look at those all day. And they would be so cute with a little sundress.

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