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June 11, 2009


Look at those cute little hands!
It's never hard to eat all of those beauties!

Wow! Those are HUGE! :) Yumm!

Holly Mollie... are those strawberries on steroids? Love the picture with the strawberry in Mario’s hand, what a sweet moment you captured.

Berry sweet!

Andres would be in heaven right now! He would eat strawberries 24 hours a day if he could. We're trying to grow strawberries in the backyard right now....they're not quite that big yet!

those strawberries are huge, yummi

Those are amazing!!!! W O W ...our berries are not ready yet but sure makes me want to bit into a big piece of strawberry pie!!!

I grew up picking strawberries, in Oregon, and it is good for the soul. It is a great family tradition and once your kids are older you'll bring home and eat twice as many!!

Awwwww....so fun and sweet Andrea! Mario looks too cute standing in the middle of the field holding his one strawberry! Are you still picking seeds out of your teeth? tee! hee! XOXO,Jenn

The strawberries look so ripe! We live in No Virginia also and would love to know which farm you went to so we could schedule a trip ourselves. Thanks!

Gorgeous photographs. Gorgeous little boy. Yummy strawberries.

In a word: Yummy:)

Never seen strawberries so HUGE before! Must be the soil, right? What a beautiful field...

Hi Andrea,
I am new to your blog and really enjoy it. I grew up to a strawberry field like this one right outside of Los Angeles and picked the strawberries all the tine. This blog brought back memories. Thanks

Gorgeous strawberries. I would have eaten them all too!

Looks like both of you had fun and the strawberries are wonderful!

It is a strawberry type of day in blogland.

I am wondering if you received a package? It's contents are posted on my blog today.

Wonderful photos :) My strawberry patch is just beginning this year and I was thrilled to find two new berries just the other day.

dontchc just love summer berries?? Natasha and I wen to the berry patch with the kids and had a blast too! have fun with the girls this weekend..

Hi Andrea, those strawberries looks soo yummy, have you ever tried eating them dipped in sourcream than in brown sugar. It is sooo delicious... Love reading your blog, promise to keep doing it.... Love it... Cretively, Tammie Moore

Hope you are having a wonderful time with the girls this weekend!

We have a blueberry field right next door to us and I can't wait to go pickin!

Y..U..M! Those wouldn't have even made the ride back home with my boys.

The kids and I do that every year. We can't pick until late July...so I will just look at your pics and drool. Nothing tastes better than fresh strawberries.

There's nothing like REAL strawberries is there! I totally believe you that you ate them all :0)
When Tiffany was here we caught the last of the strawberries before frosts set in. Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the girls, I am sure you would have loved it! xo

Oh how I love fresh Strawberries ~ and it looks as if you got some yummy ones too :) Fresh Peaches & Strawberries are my faves! Ok, Now I am going to find some (probably store-bought), and dip them in Sour Cream and Brown Sugar like Tammie suggested! xo Sher

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