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June 08, 2009


Great finds, I love the time faded paper roses, just beautiful. And I like your hats in the kitchen they are just as pretty has a frosted layer cake!
Hugs, Diane

Such beautiful treasures! I have to tell you the photo with the china reminded me of my grandmother's china...thanks for bringing back a fond memory.

If I had a love letter keeper, mine would be empty too! Don't think the Gents of today are much into that sort of thing...(big sigh)!

Have fun treasure hunting this Friday and can't wait to see what you come back with!

So Andrea- a First Communion veil? Does this mean you long for a little girl? Maybe buying the crown will set things in motion.
The hat looks more like a cake than a hat in your kitchen! Great finds.


You made me laugh! (more than once) I love that your guy is just like my guy. You found such pretty things even with a time restraint. You are a pro. I LOVE everything you found. And of course the cute Andrea has hats in her kitchen. Love it!

p.s. You'll like this. My Mom just found the most gorgeous antique mirror and when she brought it home my Dad said he could spray paint the chippy parts black so you wouldn't see them. Can you image? She shrieked!

I LOVE those crepe roses! The colors are gorgeous!!

I completely understand. I started a recipe box project back in Feb., took a bunch of pics and saved it as a draft...until I finished it. Well, here it is June and the recipe box still sits in my drafts...all because I wanted to do a little more to it before posting. Maybe I'll finish it tonight. (fingers crossed tightly) We'll see. Loved your post!!!

I have been on the hunt for a vintage trophy! Love it!!

susan@ www.peanutpetunia.blogspot.com

Ohh, this crown, it's adorable. I have never seen one like this.
And the paper roses in the loving cup, sooo beautiful!
Your shelf looks pretty, pretty with the hat on it...normal or not.
My hubby makes the same restrictions lol!
Lovely post Andrea.

Beautiful treasures.......I especially love the hat in the kitchen! I keep old, cracked, (scary) antique dolls heads in with my china dishes! My family also tolerates it! *smiles* ~Jen

Lucky girl!!! All your treasures are fantastic. The hat on the cake plate really takes the cake!!! (No pun intended) Love it!!! Love Tiina...

Those paper roses are lovely. I would of brought have brought them too.

Oh my, I love your treasures. And the hats in the kitchen, FABULOUS! It made me smile.

I follow your blog pretty closely and although I ADORE shabby chic by hubby hates pink...can you even believe it!? I have one small room in my home just for me and my pink lovies.

I was caught gasping though when I looked at your blog tonight. The crown you found is the EXACT crown my mother wore to her wedding in 1961. Originally it had a veil attached to it but when I got married we cut the veil off (I know how dare we) but it was falling apart. I planned on wearing it for my special day but ended up just displaying it on a table with our loved ones wedding pictures. How neat that you found the same exact one! I now have it displayed in my pink room. It will be cherished forever in my family! : )

I love all the beautiful finds, and the pinks and peaches! Think of what a service you are doing for your son's future wives -- pretty, pink, antiques and shopping will just be normal. It is a good thing!

I am soo jealous you got to have tea with Karla, you lucky girl. Wonderful finds !!Clarice

hi andrea,

i adore how you have decorated your cake stands. inspiring!

i'm not sure where in NJ you visit but i have a list of GASP-worthy shops for when i am in s. jersey visiting my sisters.

i am having a giveaway if you'd like to pop over to enter.


Your posts never fail to enchant me Andrea. Such beautiful photos of lovelies, and oh how I can relate to the passing by those antique shops at 55mph glued to the car window with a sad face...lol. Can't tell you how many times that happened to me on our recent trip - sigh.


At least you got your into draft form. I still have some of the photos waiting to post & I hate to admit it but, a few of my treasures are still in the sack... :0
Safe from hubby's eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful finds! I also want to tuck pretty hates that almost look like confections on cake plates! The roses are divine, such wonderful vintage shades. Lori

Wow ! What beautiful treasures you seem to find ! Love the crepe paper roses !
Wow ! your hubby, lets you stay a whole 30 minutes ??? Mine, stands out side and paces ! Drives me nuts !
Well, speaking of treasures, you will not believe it, but we just went to an auction this past weekend, and I got a whole box of linens, for $1.00 ! I just about shouted "HALLELUJAH " out loud ! I did silently though ! Missed the costume jewelry, it went for 20-30 a flat !
Could not afford that. Got some buttons for 3.00 a tin ! Smile !
As for the love letters.......I still have all mine from my hubby, almost 19 years ago.......I took them out of a hat box, and put them all in a notebook, in those clear sleeves.......wish I could take a picture and show you, its about 12 inches thick ! Actually, I will have to buy a special notebook, because this one is too thick, and stuffed to close ! Was I wrong to store them, like that ? Any ideas would be welcome ! Love your blog.
Deborah Woodrow

Ahh, beautiful antiqueing loot, Andrea.

You are blessed to have a husband who understands your passion (or at least accepts it!) enough to stop at all! I don't think mine ever would!

Everythings cute...cute...cute! Your hat looks like a fancy cake with lots of layers...yum!

Oh how I wish I could go shop with you and Karla on Friday!! The flowers are gorgeous and I never find things like this, what is wrong with Ga?!?! Hope all is well with you.

Love that trophy!!
I have 4 so far.
You found some really great stuff!
Yay that George stopped for that little bit. You were meant to have the roses.

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