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June 24, 2009


Your purses are to die for! (well, perhaps death would be a bit extreme, but you know what I mean). I CANNOT believe you got that aqua one for so little. I would have freaked to find that aqua one! And the one with multiple berries, OH MY. You need a special cabinet and display them in your living room or above the cabinets in your kitchen. Somewhere you can see them often!

You need to show us all of them together...that would be cool. How many is that now?? Corn out of pearls...that is pretty nifty (that would've been perfect for Bella last year). :)

They are just beautiful. Boy, the time it must have taken to create those! WOW! Love your collection!

YIKES!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKKKK I love love love them. They are adorable, wonderful and too cute. Love to go parading with one of those sweet purses ♥♥

Gasp!!! Andrea, these are stunning! So envious over here. The multi colored one is my favorite!!!!

Oh they are so, so pretty! I absolutely love the one with the aqua strawberries:)

Stunning Andrea, you have the most amazing and unique collections!

Your boys will grow up so fast and those sippy cup, book, snack, diaper and wipe toting days will be gone before you know it!

In the meantime, if you need someone to show off your pretty strawberry purses, you know where to find me!

The aqua berries are visually delicious!

Oh my
Now that i know someone who loves these I will start buying them at garage sales and letting you know. I know I have seen them very cheap back here. I think they are adorable.

Janice in Missouri

Ooooooooooooh!!! They're soooo pretty! I LOVE the one with the mixed colors.....what a stunning collection!

Holy cow those are darling!! I love the colors on the berries and you did great with the price on the aqua berries! yay!

Andrea, your purses are amazingly beautiful!!! i just love the one in aqua

so so pretty...i love the aqua berry one....i used one of your images today in my post from your shop....i have addded your shop to my favourite stores...and linked back to you...i love love that shop of yours!!!

I love your new purses, especially the one with aqua berries....just lovely!

I love the blue one!

girlfriend you are killin' me with these strawberry bargains! You just have a sixth sense or some serious internet dedication! xo, suzy

In all my flea market/antique show travels I have never seen a strawberry basket/purse. They are oh so fabulous! I love the shape of the aqua berry basket.
You are "The Luckiest Girl!"

I'm going to have to fly back to America and dig my fun vintage purses out of my mother's attic!!!!!!!!!!

I love love love the first one with the different colors of berries! How adorable!

Absoultely charming and cool...a wonderful collection.

So berry cute!! I love the veggie bag that is adorable. And I too have MANY bags that just sit and look pretty on my shelves. If only I didn't have to carry everyone else's stuff...Even my husband throws his phone and wallet in my bag:)

They are absolutely precious, Andrea!!

What lovely eye candy! I collect the sewing strawberries (the old ones filled with emery). I also like old velvet vegetables and fruit.
I'm drooling over your finds! I'll have to keep a lookout for my own collection:)

WOW Love these, especially the ear of corrn made out of pearls, Very "Green Acres" Zsa ZSa Gaborish!

OH MY GOODNESS!! The aqua berries are the best. That is so wrong! Can you believe I don't have 1 Velvet Strawberry! i need to find one!

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