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June 02, 2009


Aren't those Geek Squad guys great? Sorry for all the unexpected expenses. Glad the outcomes are all positive!

When it rains, it pours! They say things always happen in three's, so hopefully that means your unexpected expenses are over!

Looks like it's been an expensive week. Hopefully all will be well for awhile. That Le Jardin thing looked like so much fun. Mimi

Geek Squad $300
ER Co-Pay $100
Cat $700

All is well that ends well, especially little Sammy!

Enjoy your tea and books!!

Wow this sounds way to much like my weeks lately,Just full of surprises that all cost money :) Hope things are on the up now. ~Kathy

wowser! I can say, I have had similar weeks, and they always seem to happen conviently when hubbie is out of town! Sounds like you handled it great! Hope Sam is still well...
xoxo, Tiffany

Well, you got it all out of the way, the storm and rain clear the path and today, all is good:) I love this blog. Thanks for the sweet perspective and we have all been there so, thanks for the strength! Blessings.

Glad Sammy is ok and your kitty too. The kids and my hubby are bugging for a kitty that has been lingering around our shop....
My computer genius friend made a stop here yesterday to see what's going on with my blog. ( He did not refuse the iced tea and cookies thiugh lol) Hopefully we're on our way to fixing the problem!

As I read your post I am cracking up about you offering the computer guy cookies and iced tea!!!!!!!

I am so glad Sam is ok and glad all is well with you guys!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


I'm so glad everyone...and everything...turned out ok:) All's well that ends well!

You make me laugh! I am sure the computer guy has never seen such girliness in all his life.

I had to do the same thing while Shane was away. I waited and waited and then thought I can not live without my computer and called a computer guy. Aren't they great! Wish I would have done it sooner.

Glad Sam is well and kitty. Things seem to happen in threes so hopefully this is the end of your no fun expenses. Not exactly the same as having fun at a flea market.

if only the geek squad car was pink & creme!

sigh....our computer is working fine and we don't really feel like posting much. We've enjoyed our break from it.

it's raining here and we're loving it..........
{glad sam is fine}


egads and i thought i was in a rut. I'm only building an ark.. leak ends in dining room from kitchen running water between subfloor and wooden floor... yikes...
at least yours all turned out well!

Well first, Glad everything and everyone is better. I have had weeks like this and they Stink!! I feel for you, My money tree is is plucked clean.

So glad everyone/thing is better at your house. Thanks for the pics of the peonies!! I so love them but Texas is just too hot to grow them. Carol S posted pictures of hers too. Envy down here!


Ummm, can you send me a cutting of that there money tree?

Andrea, so sorry you had such a rough week. WhY does it always seem to happen in bunches?? I hate that!

I hope that money tree of yours will get some new growth on it soon!

xo Heather

Whew, don't you just hate those unexpected expenses? I'm so glad everyone's ok...

Geek Squad...holy cow, that's expensive. My computer nerd is totally free. He drives clear out to our house and does it for FREE. I LOVE him. He's probably saved us a million dollars in Geek Squad bucks. I'll hug him next time. :-)

I hope you enjoyed your rest and books! You deserve it after that tough week.


Dear Andrea, Don't think I've emailed you before, but this was the perfect opportunity to say, hi. I've been following your blog, and Karlas, and Natashas, and Jenns, Jessis, and several others since last year.
Well talking of expensive weeks. My hubby hit a deer this past Monday, on his way to work, and yep, our van is toast ! So, yeah we know about expensive weeks ! THANK GOD HE IS FINE, THATS THE IMPORTANT THING. But, our van was old, but ran fine, but with so many miles on it the insurance co would not insure it for collision !
We just had new tires put on, a new windshield, and a full tank of gas ! So, now we're without a work car. Lost our other nicer windstar van to an accident (not my fault), in Sept 2007 ! But we know God is in control, and all will work out.
I love your blog, and all your lovely creations ! You're so talented.
I live in "No-Where-Ville" Colorado. 1 hour S.E of Pueblo, Colorado. Used to live in Colorado Springs, until last year.
I hope to have a blog and an Etsy Shop, before too long. Glad you got your computer up and running. And glad your son is ok. They scare us sometimes, don't they ?
Well, better get to bed, was nursing a bad headache, but its gone now.
Take Care.
Deborah Woodrow
Ordway, Colorado

When it rains it pours! At least everything worked out:) Doesn't it always work that way when the man is gone?? Something is bound to happen.
And I would be fertilizing that money tree if I were you wait til the boys are older;)

What a week! I like the ending...curling up on a rainy day reading books.

Reading your blog makes me think that women all over the World are exactly the same !!!
Thank you for all those nice moments you share with us !

Oh bless your heart Andrea!!! Of course this all has to happen when hubby is away! LOL!! Im so glad your computer is fixed, Sam is feeling much better, and Miss Phoebe is going to be ok. ;)Have a lovely weekend!!! XOXO,Jenn

So sorry!
I hate when that happens! Poor kitty.
Glad Sam is better.
Have a good weekend.

OH my gosh, Andrea! It's so scary to have a sick little one in the ER, isn't it? You're so right about perspective, all of those things happened, but thankfully, all was well in the end. xo

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