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May 13, 2009


Great to see you again Andrea!
Oh my gosh you grow lily of the valley?!!! It must be a climate thing, I never see it here, and it is SO expensive to buy at the florist, but I absolutely adore it! I could almost smell it from the screen :) Mum tells me stories of picking it wild in fields in Slovenia as a kid, you reminded me of that :0)

Love the family shot of you guys, you are such an adorable family! I've never seen a bike seat like that before, only ever saw the ones where they sit behind the "driver". That's cool!!!

Gorgeous necklace and light fittings :)

Looking forward to seeing you again via webcam at Jenn's event, I can't wait!!! Wish I was there with you all xoxo

we missed you too...
have fun!

I just love Lily of the Valley. Stop by and see some of the flowers from the garden I have listed in a post. Have you on my BLog List of Favorites so I can come back often.

Hi Andrea,

I can't believe Jenn's event is already here. It will be wonderful to see you & the other girls. :)

Your birthday gift is wonderful... I love it.

See you soon,

I love your bike! Did you do a post on it a long time ago?From an online company? I'd love to find a similar one. Love your blog!!

I love your new chandelier, and the baby bike seat!

So glad you are back! Love the chandelier, do you mind I ask, where you found it?-It is beautiful!

Glad you are back!!
Looks like you and your family are having loads of fun!
Have a fun time at the event.

Looks like you had a great rest:) Thanks for the pics of the flowers so beautiful!! Can't wait to see what you are up to at Jenn's event. Looks like it is going to be fabulous!!!!

Have so much fun!

Nice to have you back pretty lady....I love your lily of the valleys... brings back memories of my old home in Hasbrock Heights New Jersey... Enjoy your retreat!!! xoxoxo laura

Your chandelier is beautiful! And so is the necklace. You sure have beautiful bits laying around.

Welcome back! Love the pictures of lily of the valley, family and chandelier. I can imagine the great old pieces that are now that fun necklace!
Have fun en le jardine!

Love all the photos - Mario looks like he is about to burst with excitement in that Thomas photo!

Have fun in GA and call me as soon as you get back to tell me all about it. Oh, and eat a cupcake (or two) at Cheryl's for me - and give her a hug for me!

LOVE the light!! SOOOO pretty! Happy Belated Birthday and glad you are back!!

Oh so glad you're back to blogging...missed you! Sounds like that "nap" was a lot of fun:) Love the necklace, love the chandelier!

Ooooooh! Your chandelier is beautiful!

Welcome back, Andrea! The necklace you made is SO beautiful - I just love it. Have fun at the big art retreat.

Lily's of the valley were in my mom's bridal bouquet so I always think of her when I see them. I love that sweet delicate flower. I hereby declare that this is the year where I will make sure that I get some for my garden (have been planning for years and never got around to it).
Thanks for the pictures!

Hi there Andrea!!!

Long time for me, so glad you are all well, the kids are getting big!!! Glad to hear from you here in Blogland. Happy birthday!!! Trying to get back into blogging myself!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!


I love lily of the valley. Your family is so sweet. Hope all is well. xo

My mom always has lily of the valley at her house - I miss the smell so much! Yours are beautiful. They're one of my favorite flowers - right up there with hydrangeas and giant pink peonies!

When I came across your blog and saw those flowers (lilies of the valley), I was shocked to find out they were real. They are so perfect looking I thought they were faux flowers. WOW! is all I've got to say. You can grow some pretty amazing flowers in your dirt that's for sure. You could never grow something like that here in Arizona. I just can't believe how beautiful they are. I so envy you being able to grow those types of flowers. That makes me miss living in a climate where you can grow that type of stuff.

Hi Andrea, We LOVE your blog, we have put you as one of our FAV!! Thanks for the info on the canvas bags, we have been looking for some great bags for our show, "The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market" October 2nd and 3rd in Spokane, Wa. I think these canvas bags will be perfect!! I LOVE how you embellished yours, very beautiful.. Gladys and Celia/ Junebugfurnitureanddesign.blogspot.com

What a gorgeous necklace you have made!

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