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May 24, 2009


Wonderful post Andrea...so many have sacrificed so much for our freedom ~ I am very thankful for each of them! I love the magazine idea! xxoo, Dawn

We need to continue to share with our young people the meaning of this day lest it become nothing more than a long holiday weekend filled with beer and hot dogs.

Our fallen warriors deserve so much more.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post. My Son has only been in Army basic training for 3 weeks now and we just found out yesterday that he has pneumonia. I am so worried, and so very proud of him for making this choice in his life. I will check out the links, thank you!

Thank you! My Grandparents visited Italy and with all the aches and Pains when they arrived "home" they did get down on bended knee and kiss the ground of America!
There is also a program to send Grocery Coupons to the troops
Coupons for the troops
Unit 4925 Box 280
APO AE 09459

Great post! Blessings.

I did read all the way through. After living abroad myself, I agree with you that there is nothing as lovely and stirring as the sight of our American flag and being on our own hard fought free soil. Many have given all so that we can celebrate this weekend.

Oh thank you for posting Andrea, I have oddels of mags. What a wonderful idea. Clarice

What a wonderful post...and reminder...dear Andrea! I am forever {and will never forget to be} grateful to all our veterans, past & present. My stepson recently joined the Army, and while I worry about him, I have never been more proud! The picture is a beautiful one...Old Glory is such a sight to behold! And now I'm off to gather some magazines. Have a wonderful Memorial Day:)

Thank you for the info...Bless them all...Love Tiina...

I am with you!!

I just read Rosalyn-Sue's post and had to stop mid-post to compose myself I was crying so hard. As an Air Force Brad and a Coast Guard wife I understand all too well the sacrifices made by our Military men and women. I'm going downstairs and gather up a big ole pile of magazines(you know all too well that I'm the Magazine Queen!!). Also, I got your message... I'll call you tomorrow!

Thank you Andrea from the bottom of my heart for this post. I just read Rosalyn-Sue's Memorial Day post and it is incredibly moving...thank you so much for sharing this because you are absolutely right, freedom isn't free...Ann

I will definately get involved. I love and am so grateful for our soldiers and all that they sacrifice. Thank you for the information and sharing.

Andrea, wonderful post for a great cause!! I am going to be bundling up my magazines for them and have made my donation too. When I lived in Italy, we would see a movie on base about once per week. Before the movie, they would always play a film clip of the star spangled banner showing shots of the flag, troops , etc. It never failed to make me mist up...

You are so correct when you say to remember those who help to give us the freedoms that we currently have. My Husband and I have a band and we wrote and recorded a song that says just that! Please go to www.myspace.com/thesidewinderband and click on the song "The Torch Keeps Burning" I hope you will like it. It means so much to us and our hope is to get the message out that No matter wether you agree or disagree with the war or any wars that we have fought in, we must let the children know that we have fought these wars so that THEY may have the same freedoms that we have and have enjoyed in our past. God bless you and God, also bless America too.
Much love,

How could any picture with the flag in it, not be considered a pretty picture? Beautiful post!!

Great post Andrea!!
Have a good week,

beautifully put and thought provoking. So great to help out Rosalyn Sue in her cause. Her post was very moving.
xoxo, Tiffany

Thank you for the info, I will send all my magazines. So I go to their web site for the address of where to ship it? Grazie Rita

This was a wonderful post and that is a beautiful picture..I love to see our flag flying on homes and in yards and not just public spaces. It is so cool how God placed us in each others lives to make a difference and just look at how Rosalyn Sue and Operation Stars and Stripes are going to benefit from En Le Jardin, it is absolutely amazing how God works!
Thanks for sharing this and I hope your week is going well!!

Thank you for this wonderful post Andrea!

On Saturday I posted pictures of my favorite cub scout and den leader arising at 5:30 am to travel to the local cemetary. There they placed flags and saluted those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Lovely Andrea ~ after meeting Rosalyn-Sue I decided that I would save my magazines too. You both have celebrated Memorial Day beautifully.

Ciao bella,

So Glad I popped in. I always have a big stack of Mags that my neighbor and I pass back and forth. I would love to send them off for others to enjoy. Im off to see where to send them. Thank you for the info. Jamie

Such a beautiful and heartfelt post. I think you're really lovely and I thank YOU for that. Have a wonderful day!

Andrea~ Such a nice post. My husband has been in the service since 1984. In 1987 he got out of active duty and became a police officer. He has been a reservist since 1988 and has given a lot to his country. We married in 1996 and he has been away for long periods of time. I am so very proud of him and all our brave soilders. Thanks for such a nice post!

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