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May 21, 2009


It looks like you all had fun! I'm enjoying visiting each of your blogs & looking at the pictures. (I can't get over Tiffany & Karla going down the slide in the rain.) Thanks for sharing in on all the fun

I had so much fun hanging out with you crazy girls!! I am so glad that I finally got to meet you and can't wait to spend more time together at Silver Bella. Take care and keep in touch,

What a grand event and what a grand time you all had. The funniest thing was the cardboard Natasha... lol Thanks for sharing.


I felt like I was there with all of you reading this. Full of fun, beauty, friendship and creativity

Andrea, I cant believe it was ONE week ago today that you lovely ladies were in my home and we were all celebrating being together. The photos really capture our whole weekend together, and Im so thrilled that you were a part of this magical weekend! We've definitely have made some fond memories!!! ((HUGS!))*~XOXO~*,Jenn

You Girls look like you had an Amazing time! You all look Beautiful too. Lucky Girls.

Oh everything looks so amazing! I have been checking out all of the blogs of the girls that attended! What a wonderful hostess. Looks lilke a slice of Heaven!! I would have been there if it wasn't for my little guy!! xoxo

I had so much fun making memories with you this past weekend! Everything was so special, don't think we can top it!
miss you already!
xoxo, Tiffany

oh my STINKIN' word, that looks like an incredible party!

that HOUSE! it's phenomenal.

love the basket and fairy balls you made. what fun.


Top to bottom perfect! Amazing! Glad you all had such a great time! Blessings.

That is an absolutely amazing event...Oh how I wish I were there. Your bags are awesome...I have to go back and read it again to take it all in.
Thanks for sharing your fun!

What a fairytale experience! Every single detail is absolutely amazing! What could be better than sharing time with beautiful talented women and enjoying each others company. Jenn is an extraordinary hostess and her home and grounds are stunning! I'm so happy you were able to be.


Great pictures, you really captured it all! I'm loving everyone's posts about the weekend.

See you in Leesburg- soon!


What an amazing time all of you had.
Great photos and detailed description.
Have a nice Memorial Day weekend,

Thanks so much for the play-by-play of the weekend and those fabulous photos - so much fun just to tag along with you this way. What an amazing time you all had there. I can see that Jenn did an amazing job!

woo hoo
now thats a post.
what a fabulous time we had!!!
i catch myself just giggling sometimes outloud at little things from the weekend.
what great memories we made.
see ya in November.

Wow, that seems like soooooooooo much fun!!! Loved tagging along with you, thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures!!!

Looks like you gals had fabulous fun! Who knew so much could happen in a weekend:)

Such a fabulous time together. Your pictures captured it all. I will always remember you sitting across the couch from me laughing so hard. Memories that will last forever, yes?

Hugs, Kim

Thanks for posting! It was wonderful to see the "play by play" of your weekend. It looked spectacular!

I missed a beautiful event!

Looks like an incredible, beautiful, over the top and fun weekend! Thanks so much for sharing the details and your wonderful pictures!

Wow...what an amazing time! Everything looked so beautiful. What a gracious hostess Jenn is...it's all just beautiful.

Yep...I'll be at the SB Market Faire. I'll look out for you...the tall, pretty italian ;o)

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