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April 05, 2009


As per usual, everything in your world is so lovely. Such a reflection of you. I love the bookmarks, wouldn't that be a fantastic window treatment, a million of them all together.

I bet even your dirty dishes look beautiful. I love your bookmarks. Hope I can get one once you list them.

WOW! Love the ruffles, love the aprons, love those bookmarks, love love love those eggs....and what a good job on those W's!

really love the photos- and the bookmarks are just so lovely! thanks for sharing!

I really do love your photographs! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Well, it is now!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful and inspiring pictures.
Have a great week.
Cari b.

LOVE the eggs and bookmarks! As usual love everything, but today the eggs and bookmarks are by far my fave ♥♥

Great photos and nice to know that your shop takes over your house at times too! Love the picture of the egg in the tea cups. I was just telling my husband that I need to get better at keeping things for myself that I make.

Everything is lovely - thanks for sharing!

As usual, it all looks so lovely! Regrigerator art is wonderful:)

Ummm...what I meant to say was "refrigerator art is wonderful"...lol

Lovely 'selective' photography, we could be forgiven for thinking your entire house is a symphony of beauty and order!!! Rachaelxo

I have been reading your blog for a few months now - this is my first comment. Your blog is beautiful, I so enjoy seeing your photos. Todays photos were especially pretty. You've given me some creative inspiration.


I'm sure you could make dirty dishes and smashed bananas look lovely and tempting! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!

Love all of your photos. I am especially coveting those amazing bookmarks of yours (I am so bummed out that just when I discovered your amazing shop that you stopped shipping to Canada, boo hoo...but I do understand...)

All your pictures look divine! Love the refrigerator art! So sweet! Your teacup stack is just beautiful! Have a wonderful day.


Love the mug...I have one too;) Love the book marks. I did some a while back but I don't have anywhere near the pretty baubles you have! But my friends loved them. And you lucky girl getting to spend time with Karla. I swear she is one of the nicest ladies I have NEVER met LOL!! Oh and by the way got my eggs........love them. Love yours in the tea cups. Hmmmm.....

ahhh, what a beautiful mess, I am not sure you should clean it up! I think I recognize that coffee mug, I have the same one (of course mine has a T on it! tee hee) anthropologie?
have a wonderful sunday, I spent mine out in the garden, we FINALLY had warm weather, it was gorgeous!
xoxox, Tiffany

Gorgeous photos Andrea! I am so excited to order a bookmark and equally excited about your new pouches! I would order those babies separate too. So cute!

I stumbled across your webpage while searching for 'vintage sheet music' and wow! I'm so impressed! I hope you don't mind if I bookmark your page for reading ;)

Pretty, pretty photos! Ok, how'd ya ket your hyacinths so full? My pink ones never comeback as full as the purle ones. Love the napkins. Egg in teacup, How clever too! As usual just bellissima!

Those bookmarks are delicious. They are in the right part of the house, I'd say...

What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing part of your Sunday morning with us. Hope you have a great week.
PS Please tell Mario that "W" is one of my favorite letters.

I LOVE.LOVE your little handstamped pouches.

Great perspective Andrea!!
Love the new pouches. So cute!
You have a good week too!

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