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April 12, 2009


Oh my gosh how adorable!!! They have bunnies to take photos with? How cute is that!!!
I looooove those hats, your boys are just too cute!
Happy Easter xo

how handsome! happy easter!

Hi Andrea,
So cute and happy picture! love your pretty boys outfit!


Your boys are adorable! Wishing you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

Oh my goodness! Who are those two handsome, dashing, gentlemen? Surely they are to big to be your precious boys.
Have a blessed Easter!

It doesn't get any cuter than that. Gorgeous boys! Happy Easter Andrea! I'm grateful to know you. Have a wonderful day!

hey sweets,

aaahhh cuties!!!
they are getting so big.
Happy Bunny day


its like in the oldendays!!!how lovely! i mean rugged :) have a beautiful Easter

Happy Easter! When did those gorgeous boys get sooo big!


Emma x

Happy Easter! Adorable little ones!!

Oh my goodness...they are just the cutest boys! Have a Happy Easter, Andrea:)

Happy Easter Andrea! Your little boys are so precious!!! I pray you had a blessed Easter holy day! God bless you my sweet friend!

I must have seen more than a hundred Easter greetings in the past couple of weeks...old, new, classic, modern, handmade, store bought, rabbits, chicks, crosses, eggs. By far, this is the cutest! What handsome boys you have. Thanks for sharing the picture.
Blessings, Susie

Oh my gosh, how cute, happy Easter xoxoxo Clarice

I seeeeriously cannot even handle this pic!!!! Toooooooooo CUUUUTE!!!

Oh my gosh Andrea!!!!!!!! Does your face hurt from all of the smiling??

What amazing boys!!!

Happy Happy Easter!!!!
xoxo Jenny...and Aaron

Happy Easter! Your boys are getting so big! Wow! Blessings!

Precious little gentlemen!

Absolutely-could-eat-them-up! What a precious memory! I realized today that in the chaos I forgot to get photos of Coe with the Easter Bunny, so I improvised tonight with an ostrich egg. Oops! Hope your holiday was a blessed one...



awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ...luv this photo! they are toooooooooo cute! Cher

Oh, how absolutely adorable. Cute, cute cute and did I say cute. Hope your day was wonderful.

Best Wishes,

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo of your cute boys Andrea!!!

Happy Easter wishes from Germany sends you
Carola xoxo

Drop dead handsome!! Both of them. I love their hats! What fun you must have with them. Thanks for that great picture.
My brother just moved to your city...I sure hope to visit him one day. Beautiful area.

Oh my goodness they are sooo cute! Bunny=creepy, but your boys are adorable:-)I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Hi Andrea,
That one made me smile. So cute!
Hope you had a very Happy Easter!

Andrea, How darn cute are they? How can you even stand their cuteness? I just love little boys in hats like this. Mario and Sam wear them well!!

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